Bourne Park Adventures

Ok so I haven’t blogged in a few days but honestly thats because I haven’t done anything!

So to catch you all up… Happy Easter

Tuesday I headed up to the local gymnastics centre to visit my training buddies and check out the new trampoline tumble track. I went on wheels and didn’t do any training but it was still great to see everyone and hang out, especially two of my old skool training buddies Jay and Greg who I haven’t seen in literally ages!

Wednesday was lovely the weather was great but unfortunately I was a total pain zombie and spent most of the day in bed. I did however manage to walk around the garden with my gutter frame and take some photos of the garden. It was a long walk, at least 50 steps if not more plus so standing. Its was well worth it tho and the garden is looking beautiful!


After chilling for the rest of the day I watched #GRIMMonwatch and Greys Anatomy.


Me and mum had planned and adventure, we had looked at Spring Wood as a possible location to go and see some blue bells. Unfortunately the only gate even close to being wheelchair accessible was padlocked shut. Door number 2 lead to Bourne Park and since there was an accessible swing gate me and mum assumed that the path would be wheelie friendly! oh man were we wrong!! I’ve done a lot of off road wheelchair-ing but this was beyond dangerous and not even remotely flat at any point! I managed to tip my chair sideways and landed myself in a patch of stinging nettles!


These were very stingie nettles… its now 7 hours later and I still can’t tolerate anything touching my arm, the stings run from my elbow to the inside of my hand.

Luckily my chair didn’t get stung…


We eventually escaped the nettles, mum headed back to get the car and I rolled through the park on flatter ground!

These are some of todays photos


When we got home I noticed an annoying and ride ruining rattle with my new chair… I was beyond pissed this chair should have been perfect but I’m still having teething problems… I took a look and the who axle was loose.. I tried to tighten it but couldn’t so me and mum took another trip out, this time back to Felgains. It turned out to be a really quick fix, another loose bolt like the front caster. It supports my belief that Mary J never got a proper quality control check before being sent out to me. Once we got home I rolled back home and noticed yet another loose screw. I got out my allen keys and went over the whole lot tightening up everything so hopefully now there should be no problems.

The rest of my evening will be spent deliberately ignoring the itching/stinging in my left arm and eating biscuits..

ciao for now folks



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