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Day 10 of #30DaysWild – Urban Foxes

In preparation for the house move Addz (my partner) and I spent the day shopping. Both online and in the real world. We’ve been as thrifty as possible but I’ve splashed out a little on Chalk Finish Paint. I’ve dreamed of shabby chic furniture projects for years and the time has nearly arrived.

Painting and dark-waxing mis-matched, second-hand furniture is the perfect way to give the illusion of matching sets and add some colour to otherwise plain rooms. Anyway, I’m very happy with the selection and even more keen to get started. Since most of today was spent doing adult-y human things (like buying toilet-brushes, towels and a broom) I’ve checked my trail cam in the search for wildness.

Sure enough, among the neighbourhood cats, pigeons and family members were some clips of the local urban foxes.

This video contains the highlights between the 6th and 9th of June. I’ll pop it back outside as soon as the batteries are re-charged. As usual, I fed the foxes sporadically and not in any set place. I think it’s important to teach the young ones foraging skills and they do need to stay wild.

If you watch closely you can see a few different foxes, the one at the start of the video is the youngest of our regular visitors. Later on you can see the wily male, check out the fence jumping skills.


3 thoughts on “Day 10 of #30DaysWild – Urban Foxes

  1. Fab footage, how lovely to have fixes in the garden, hope you have lots of wildlife visiting your new home! Would love to see your upcycling once you’re done .

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