Day 11 of #30DaysWild

Not much nature but plenty of outside today. Just one sleep to go until we get the keys to our new home. With that in mind we headed off to a car boot sale in the search for bargain furniture (thanks for the invite Claire). The early start tuned out to be a great decision.

car boot sale furnitureWe’re now own a lovely solid wood coffee table with inlaid metal corners and studs. A set of nesting tables, one medium size table with two small drop-leaf tables that hang underneath when not in use. A small two draw bed-side unit. A wood turned patchwork bowl and a few other little bits and bobs.. all for under £20.


These pieces all need some TLC which is perfect for the shabby chic pastel paint plans I have. I also love that antique furniture is unique, it’s own scratches, dents and stickers from years of use.

Anyway, after squeezing everything into the car (hard-level boot tetris) we popped to a few more shops before heading home.

Since we’d started out earlier than I normally wake up we still had plenty of sunshine left, the furniture is now all washed down and dusted, I’ve also made a start sanding down the coffee table.

I actually love the dents and scratches as well as the natural defects in the wood but the mug-rings were a little less stylish.

The photos show before (left) and after sanding (right).


Anyway, after re-packing the car with newly cleaned furniture it was time for a rest. I’m more than a little tired, I’ve blistered my feet from walking around this morning and I’m a teeny bit sun-burnt. I am also super excited. I cannot wait to get the keys!

Tomorrow’s blog post will be from the new house, and the new garden! I’ll be sure to take lots of photos.


2 thoughts on “Day 11 of #30DaysWild

  1. Marvellous bargains. Good luck to you both and hope you will settle in quickly in your new home.Dont get overtired. Thinking of you tomorrow.

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