Day 12 of #30DaysWild – House Move, Ants & a Bee.

A day late but no less exciting. Yesterday (12th) we picked up the keys to our new home. Addz and I have been living with my parents but it’s time to fledge the nest.

It was a busy day, we started by packing up the first lot of our kitchen stuff. Being able to make a cup of tea for helpers is essential when moving house.

We weren’t the only ones doing some moving, outside the house I came across some very industrious little ants attempting to move a dead bee. I managed to get some video and photos but there’s only so long you can sit in an ants-nest for the sake of video!

Anyway, just after lunch we picked up the keys! The rest of the day was spent hoovering, moving, washing and rather unfortunately fixing the leak under the sink! After all of that even managed to weed the patio. You can see how much progress I made from the before and after photos.

We finished the day with Pizza on the floor (no sofa quite yet). Day 13’s post will start with a summary of our new environment. While we’re in the process of getting wi-fi set up the posts might be a little hap-hazard but I promise to get everything up eventually!


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