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Day 13 of #30DaysWild – Intro to the new home.

Once again a day behind but here goes. I’m going to start with a summary of our new home and garden.

We’re based on the Ravenswood estate in the south-east of Ipswich. The house is a large two bedroom, mid-terrace with well-proportioned but irregular shaped rooms. The house is the middle bit of a terrace that runs round a corner so the house itself is wider at the front than the back, this leads to some interesting room shapes!

Entrance to the garden is through either the kitchen or the patio doors in the living room. There is no rear access and the garden is entirely surrounded by other gardens. I’m a little sad about this because it means we probably won’t get foxes. That is pretty much the only thing I don’t love though!

The front garden is gravel with a few lavender plants and a giant dandelion. There’s a little arch over the front door but no porch. We also have a brick driveway and garage to past the neighbour’s house.

Head out to the back garden and you come to a small dropped level patio, then a larger patio up one step (I’ll be changing this to single level eventually for wheelchair access). The upper patio then leads onto a square of artificial grass. Beyond this is a picket fence with a further natural lawn area and garden shed. The natural lawn area is actually more like a meadow, there are lots of wild flowers and grasses and it’s all un-cut. I plan on leaving it like this with the small addition of a path to the shed. I will also be adding the wind flower seeds that I got with my 30 Days Wild pack.

The shed is a little ramshackle and seems to be populated heavily with spiders. That said, the whole property seems to be populated heavily with spiders! To that end I’ve ordered a humane, long reach spider catcher.

So, what am I doing with this environment?  What nature is around?

Much to my delight we have wooden facias on the houses, I know this because a LOT of the neighbours have House Martin nests on their property. There are still a fair few hanging around despite the little ones being fledged.

There’s also a sizeable starling community, lots of fledglings with their parents. The standard garden birds also include robins, blackbirds, a family of blue tits and a great tit or two, The goldfinches seem to stick to the roof-tops but the singing is beautiful.

Since I love birds one of the first things I added to the garden was a feeding station. After a fair few tries I finally found somewhere I could get the stake deep into the ground, I also managed to get everything assembled and set up with only a few swear words.

I’m currently offering peanuts, sunflower hearts and a summer seed mix as well as clean water and a few scraps of nesting material though it’s a little late in the season.

We’ve already had a few visitors to the feeders, the fledgling blue tits we’re the first to explore. The starlings waited a little longer.

I’ve also added my bug habitat from Day 2.

The rest of the day was spent trying my hand at furniture painting. I sat out on the patio for this because is was such a lovely afternoon/evening. Photos of painted furniture are coming later but safe to say I’ve found myself a new hobby, it’s very therapeutic!


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