Day 14 of #30DaysWild – Garden Birds

Wow I’m behind with this. Ok so wednesday was more house sorting. I spent the day pottering around the house organising things and painting furniture. I also removed some of the spiders that seem to think the house belongs to them!

Blue tit and a great tit on bird feeding stationAs we spend more time in the garden and the bird feeders become more established we’re seeing a much wider variety of garden birds.

Our first visitors were the fledging blue tits and they continue to visit daily, we’re also getting great tits, wood pigeons, starlings too.


On the 14th I also spotted our first Dunnock perched on the fence.

I took these photos on my little bridge camera. My D7000 has unfortunately been retired permanently with a very expensive fault. As soon as the house expenses shrink a little I’ll start saving for a replacement.

Anyway, the bottom half of the garden is essentially a tiny meadow with all the native grasses and flowers growing in it.

starling family in long grass

The starlings seem to love it.

The local starling population seems to be even bigger than I first thought. In the evenings it’s especially obvious as they all gather on the roof-tops before taking flight for the classic starling murmurations that are so visually stunning.

Since I’m back at the family home today I will do my best to get up to date with 30 Days Wild. Keep an eye out for the next few posts.


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