Day 15 of #30DaysWild – House Martins & Starlings at Sunset

Gradually catching up. Here goes day 15. My day was spent doing much the same as the last few days. The only slight change was heading back to the family home for this months #HMSALiveOT.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm I spend an house live streaming on for the Hypermobility Syndromes Association on their Facebook page. I answer questions live on any OT related topic. Pain management, pacing, posture, mobility aids, activity modification, education and more.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to support people with hypermobility disorders like HSDs, EDS and Marfan. It’s also a really interesting challenge for me. I’m totally put on the spot with live questions!

Anyway Mum gave me a lift back home afterwards and we arrived just in time for the sunset. The sunset came with a side order of starlings. A LOT of starlings.

From our upstairs windows we have a lovely view over the mixed rooftops of the estate. One of the things I love about the area is the wide mix of houses, each different yet matching nicely. The whole estate is very cohesive, the styles match but all the houses are subtly different from each other.

starlings at sunsetThe rooftops as far as we could see were all covered in starlings.

Alongside the  starlings were the local house martins.

house martinsI thought they had fully fledged by the time we moved in but it would seem they all head back to the nest to roost overnight. It’s wonderful to see and hear them swooping around and calling to each other.




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