Day 16 of #30DaysWild – Wild Flowers

Nearly up to date! Yesterday was day 16 of 30 Days Wild and it’s all about wild flowers.

A LOT of yesterday was spent in the garden. This heat wave is hard going for my PoTS but it’s fantastic for getting paint dry so I’m getting loads of furniture painted. While hanging out in the garden I’m also getting to see lots of birds and bees and bugs.

Addz and I also tackled some DIY yesterday.. mostly Addz. The old fence that divide the wild-patch from the artificial grass is now gone, all the fence panels are broken up and the nails are removed. Perfect for whatever we make them into next.

As the last task of the day I planted my free wildflower seeds in the back garden. I’ve added them among the flowers that are already there, I also scattered some bird seed… it grows under feeders when dropped by birds so why not in the flower boarders!

On closer inspection we actually have a fair few different wild flowers growing in the mini-meadow (lawn) already.

Poppies, buttercups and clover I know but can anyone tell me what the tiny flowers are?

To finish off my wildness for yesterday I popped to the co-op and was treated to a quick murnuration by the local starlings. The video was taken quickly on my phone but hopefully I’ll be able to get some on my camera soon.

You might have to maximise the video to make out the birds. It’s not the best clip in the world!


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