Day 18 of #30DaysWild – Statues & Starlings

I seem to be chronically behind with this blogging.. Sunday was car boot sale day! We once again hit the Foxhall stadium sale in search of furniture. This time we were after a TV unit since the TV installation date was the 19th.

We did manage to get a TV unit, which is now in the living room. I also picked up an interesting little table.

The rest of the day was spent hiding from the heat. In the evening everything finally cooled down, mum popped over and we headed out for a st(roll).

We’ve been in for a week now but I’ve explored remarkably little of the estate.

Mum and I took some random twists and turns before eventually end up at the Meadow by the ‘Green Wind’ art installation.

There are lots of little statues and installations in and around the estate.

This one is my favourite. It’s a Handstand sculpture made of hand prints. I’m going to have to get Addz to do matching pose for a photo at some point.

Anyway the evening st(roll) was lovely. Mum and I got to see lots more of the estate and it’s interesting to find that the huge numbers of starlings over our home (see photo) aren’t in other parts of the estate. They seem to be fairly isolated.  The house martins are spread sporadically throughout the estate in little clumps.

Ants and spiders however, are everywhere!


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