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Day 2 of #30DaysWild

Today I thought I’d shake things up a little with some video so here goes. I’ve added captions so hopefully it’s just as accessible as the rest of my blog! I don’t want the whole month to be me typing so today is all about images and video.

So here goes, the final product.

I give you, The Bug Dome!


It’s a wire hanging basket cage filled with pine-cones, dried leaves, twigs, plant pots, moss, twine and even a few feathers.

I did have some help in the recruitment phase of this project. Addz (my wonderful partner) was kind enough to collect the pine cones for me on his way back from work last week…

I feel I should tell the story of what happened just because you’ll all get a laugh out of it.

Addz brings home a bag full of pinecones. I’m mid-pain-flare and not really concentrating so I tell him to put them on the bedroom window sill and we both forget about them.

Two nights later I come to bed. I go to shut the blinds and I see earwigs on the windowsill… the harder I look the more I find.. I turn the lights a bit brighter and find even more. At this point I realise there are too many for me to catch alone. I fetch Addz and between us we set about catching all the earwigs and removing them from the bedroom. I see one crawl into the window so I open the window to chase it. Inside the window frame I find about 30 earwigs. Same for the next window.

After about an hour I think we’d probably caught close to 100 earwigs. The next two days were then spent catching them as they hid around the bedroom and the upstairs bathroom. It’s only now, days later, that I’m finally shifting the feeling that things are crawling on me.

Let that be a lesson to you all. Don’t keep pine-cones in your bedroom!


Anyway, I’m planning on mounting this on the wall/fence at some point. Hopefully the bugs will appreciate the work that went into it!

After finishing my bug dome the rest of the day was a bit of a struggle. It’s been really stormy here in Suffolk, a much as I love watching storms, the pre-storm changes in barometric pressure make me really quite unwell. It’s like my brain turns to mush and everything takes twice the effort it really should. Given that I was working this evening the afternoon was spent in a rather horizontal fashion so that I could save energy.

Tomorrow I’m venturing off the homestead. I’ll be heading to Cambridge (assuming the weather co-operates). Roll on Strawberry Fair!


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