Day 20 of #30DaysWild – Green Finches, Gold Finches & Garden Development

I’m all caught up! Blogging on the right day for a change. Today I was up bright and early and spent a very enjoyable breakfast watching birds on the feeders.

My favourite garden birds are Gold Finches, at the old home we had them occasionally, they we’re very flighty and never below the tree-tops for long. These are much braver and will happily sit on the feeders while people sit on the patio.

At most we’ve had three in the garden, two adults and a juvenile.

This morning there were two adults on the feeders. We also had two juveniles on the artificial grass for a bit.

I loved this because I’ve never managed clear photo of juvie Gold Finches before. I’ve only seen them a few times and that is usually at places like RSPB Minsmere where they have feeders by the café.

The Gold Finches weren’t the only exciting visitors to the feeders this morning…

Late yesterday evening we got a brief visit from a Green Finch! I’ve never seen one in Suffolk and I haven’t seen one at all in well over a year. This morning the same finch was back, and it wasn’t alone.

We had 3 Green Finches so it’s only right that I share 3 photos. These are by far my best ever Green Finch photos despite being on my little bridge camera instead of the usual DSLR. Right in the back garden!

After a bird-filled breakfast we headed out to gather some wood. On the Facebook market place yesterday I’d spotted someone giving away huge numbers of wooden logs. I got in touch and was told we could pick them up today.

So off we went with Addz’s little car to pick up a load of logs.

We took a selection of long thinner logs and short thick stumps. They’ve been added to the wild-flower meadow / lawn / wild area.

What do you all think?

The logs now form a divider between the artificial grass and the actual lawn / meadow area. There are also a few feature logs staged in the grass and wildflowers which will hopefully be good for bugs and birds too.

After sorting all of this out I then spent 10 minutes trying to soak and scrub tree sap off my ring splints.

Tomorrow we’re getting WiFi and a sofa so hopefully I’ll be back to work and blogging properly!


2 thoughts on “Day 20 of #30DaysWild – Green Finches, Gold Finches & Garden Development

  1. Lovely pictures of green finches and the logs in the back garden. Looks like a different place already. Well done, They must have been difficult to get into place.
    Don’t over do it in this hot weather,

    1. Thanks!! Yeah I’m lucky my partner actually enjoys lifting heavy things! He does obstacle course racing for fun and they make you cary logs around while running up hills!

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