Day 21 of #30DaysWild – Summer Solstice

So I’m back to blogging a day or two behind. Our original WiFi activation date has been put back by a week and a half. I’m a little annoyed especially given that I work from home.. on the computer. I’d moved my office over to the new address expecting internet but alas it’s not happened. I’m now left with two options, not working till we have WiFi or commuting my whole office back to the old address. So far I’m opting for not working since I’m out and about over the weekend anyway.

So, day 21. Solstice blessings to you all.

We got a sofa delivered today which is awesome, I’ve had quite enough of camp chairs for now. This is a much more comfy place to sit and watch birds in the garden.

I’m really missing my proper camera, to make up for the drop in both zoom and picture quality I’ve been trying to sit progressively closer to the feeders.

Turns out I can get pretty close before the birds flit away.

I’m much happier with these photos than my previous ones but I do still miss my D7000.

While sitting there and enjoying the birds I collected photographic evidence of why the bird feeders are emptying so quickly.

The starlings seem to be emptying out all the seed in search of suet pellets. The pellets get snaffled up and the rest goes on the ground.

They are super messy about it. I’ve decided to buy a suet block in the hopes that they will then leave the seed feeder full!

In other garden related news my wild flower seedlings have germinated. I mixed the free 30 Days WIld seeds with a handful of the mixed bird seed and chucked it on sparsely covered ground, because of the heat wave I’ve been watering it daily and it’s paying off. I have seedlings!

While watering and peering at the little seedlings I came across a little beetle.

Interestingly a photographer friend of mine posted a similar bug on Facebook recently so I’m fairly sure it’s a Green Shield Bug.

I think it’s pretty cute.

Anyway, the seasons are changing, my seeds are growing and the birds are happy.

All is well at home, even without WiFi.



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