Day 22 of #30DaysWild – PoTS (not the plant kind) & Squabbling Starlings.

Today the muggy heat has really finished me off. I’m tachycardic, woozy and my stomach is angrier than normal thanks to my autonomic issues. I’d quite like to curl up in a ball in front of an open fridge and stay there for the whole day. I do struggle with heat intolerance but what really gets me is change in weather. For example the sudden change from blinding heat to intense but short thunderstorm, then back again.

Unfortunately, places to go and people to see so I pulled myself together, put on some compression stockings and headed out.

Before that I did manage to get some video which I will share with you all now. The starlings were visiting in full force this morning, there were a few fledglings, some more awkward looking than others. Plenty of adults too.

The suet block seems to have gone down really well, unfortunately it’s not stopped the starlings from throwing all the seeds on the floor and based on how much is getting eaten I don’t think it’ll last long!

This afternoons outing was to Felixstowe.

I’ve picked up my new glasses and visited granny who has gifted me a beautiful purple Acer tree to plant. It’s lovely and I’ll share photos in the next post.

This mornings starling visit has also left me with a lot of photos to edit. I’ll get them added to Flickr soon, I already have a lot of photos on there. Some that didn’t make it onto the blog for whatever reason too.

I hope you’re all surviving the heat, storms and showers better than me!



2 thoughts on “Day 22 of #30DaysWild – PoTS (not the plant kind) & Squabbling Starlings.

  1. Sorry you are suffering with the weather. It was extreme. Think the fat blocks and mealworms are good and don’t make a mess!

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