Day 3 of #30DaysWild at Strawberry Fair

A day late but here’s the post for the 3rd. I actually went out for this one. I spent the day in Cambridge with friends at Strawberry Fair. It’s a free, volunteer run music festival. A celebration of creativity, fun and alternative lifestyle.

I absolutely love events like this because you can live out the most creative and outrageous elements of your personality and be praised for doing it. People who wouldn’t normally overlap with each other can interact and have fun. It’s a chance to soak up the energy of things that would usually be ‘other’. Everything from the foods of different cultures and musical genres I’ve never heard of to a taste of pagan plant lore and celtic axe throwing.

Safe to say I loved every minute of it.

It wasn’t a fantastically nature filled experience but part of the challenge I face with my limited adventure capacity is finding nature in even the most urban environments.

I can’t drive but my job requires me to travel long distances about once a month. I also (like yesterday) travel for social events. While my driver (mum or Addz) takes the wheel I’m left to either doze off or gaze out the window. If it’s daylight hours the variety of motorway adjacent wildlife is actually incredible. I’ve seen Red Kites battling in the air, Deer creeping through shrubbery and foxes snapping up road-kill.

So on the way to Strawberry Fair I kept and eye out for motorway-wildness. My highlights list on the way there includes: Carrion Crows, a Jay by the road-side, a Kestrel hovering, Great tits and a couple of Herring Gulls as we left Ipswich.

The way back was a little trickier. My Visual Stress means my night vision is basically non-existent. I’m overwhelmed by on-coming headlights and sudden changes from light to dark. I did manage to spot a LOT of rabbits grazing by the side of the roads though.

Anyway, back to the fair. I was using my wheelchair as standard for grassy travel. Power-assist wheels and Freewheel attachment. It coped remarkably well and I’m once again incredibly thankful I own mobility aids that really meet my needs and improve my quality of life.

My first and only close encounter with wild life was sharing my picnic lunch with a rather inquisitive bee. Can anyone tell me what kind? My insect identification skills are somewhat lacking!

Anyway after a very enjoyable picnic we headed in and spend the day shopping, laughing and listening to music. Given the collective bendie-ness of the group I think we paced ourselves rather well but I still slept for a solid 12 hours once I got home last night.

I would like to give two special mentions. The first is to my companions for the day MJ and Hannah. I’ve been friends with them both for a while now and it’s awesome when we actually get to see each other in person!

The second is to the Volunteers who run Strawberry fair, in particular the clean up crews. I was really saddened by the littering yesterday. So much rubbish on the floors.. most of it recyclable or re-usable. I did as much as I could in terms of keeping things tidy but it didn’t feel like enough. So, thank you to those who are spending today litter picking!

I’ve got lots more photos.. each sillier than the last which will be going on instagram later today.

I’ll try to make sure today is a little more nature-y but considering what I actually got up to yesterday it’s not a bad effort!

Stay wild folks!


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