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Day 4 of #30DaysWild – Urban Foxes

Today is a rest day. Having been out yesterday I’ve barely got the energy to walk around the garden. Such is life with Ehlers Danlos and PoTS. It hasn’t stopped me finding my wildness though.

I checked my trail camera and was pleasantly surprised to find our local foxes have been back. Please ignore the date stamp, I need to re-set it. This video is compiled from the night of the 2nd and 3rd of June. So here you go. This is a pair of local foxes eating peanuts in the garden. Captured on an infra-red, motion sense trail camera.

I absolutely love my trail camera. It’s not the most reliable piece of tech and it’s broken and been replaced more times than I can count but It’s allowed me a glimpse into the nigh-time world of our garden. Before I got the camera we had no idea there were foxes this close to our home, certainly not that they visit the garden about 4 times a week. I’ve asked around locally and none of our neighbours really knew either. I’ve since recorded hours of footage of the adults and one of last years youngsters in the garden and adjacent alley way. The highlights can be seen on YouTube if anyone is interested.


4 thoughts on “Day 4 of #30DaysWild – Urban Foxes

  1. Ohhh gorgeous! How lucky you are to be near foxes, I’d love to see them. Have only ever seen one in the area that I live, they’re so beautiful though <3

    1. Thank you! It’s pretty incredible to see them at home 😀 I’d never seen any locally until I got the trail cam. They lurk in the dark!

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