Day 5 of #30DaysWild & #WorldEnvironmentDay

Today started bright and early (for me anyway) I usually start my private OT services at 10 am because I’m totally not a morning person. I do occasionally make exceptions though and today was one of them.

I do struggle with waking-up early but there are occasions where some kind of get-up-and-go infuses me and I’m actually capable of thought before 9 am. I love these days because they happen so infrequently. I treasure sunrises when I see them because I don’t see them very often.

I wasn’t up anywhere near the sunrise today but an 8 am start is still an achievement for me. I think many of my regular readers (and certainly my friends, colleagues and clients) will understand but perhaps the #30DaysWild crowd aren’t so well-versed in the ways of ‘chronic life’.

When I say I cannot get up in the mornings I really do mean it. It’s not laziness or slacking off. My body simply does not function. Despite the daily physiotherapy, pain management, medications, meditations and mobility aids I still do not have ‘control’ over my body’s function. It’s a constant negotiation between my mind and my body. If I sleep an hour longer can I live through the day without a nap? If I eat lunch can I work too or do I have to lay down for a rest? If I promise to stay in my wheelchair can I avoid taking pain meds? What about needing sunshine to top-up my chronically ‘meh’ levels of Vitamin D while trying not to pass out from the heat?

Anyway, this is my normal and I really don’t mind it. It’s worth mentioning though because it’s a part of why I do, what I do. I love my life but the challenges I’ve faced and continue to face do have a long-term impact on how I live.

After a morning of ‘Occupational Therapising’ (hope you’re happy Addz, the word ‘therapising’ has caught on) it was off to Felixstowe with Mother for the yearly ‘Testing of the Eyes’.

For most people a sight test is just that, it takes about half and hour and you’re on your way. Not so much for me.

Because of my Visual Stress I wear tinted glasses. These give me some much-needed depth perception, reduce migraines and cut out huge amounts of visual static, distortion and glare. My Ehlers Danlos couldn’t be left out of the fun entirely though. I have issues with the muscles in my eyes. Much like the rest of my muscles, they’re easily fatigued, prone to twitches and spasms and a little wobbly. It makes nailing down my depth prescription an exercise in frustration for my optometrist.

After two hours at the optometrists it was off to Granny’s house for lunch (no red cape or basket of snacks).

I spent a little while poking around her garden and was gifted some house leeks ready for the new garden. Granny’s local blackbird has a tendency to pull them out of the ground so I was able to rescue a few extra ones too.

Where does the wild come in today?

Much like the Day 3, I was motorway-wild-watching.

This time instead of birds I focussed on plants.

The variety of wild flowers by the side of the roads was amazing.

Cow Parsley, Ox-Eye Daisies, Foxgloves, Teasels, Mallow, Field Poppies, Dog Rose and some more I’m yet to identify.

After singing a long to Green Day with the windows down we eventually returned home.

I went straight into the garden to pot up the rescued house leeks. On a whim I’ve even tried to ‘farm’ some of the garden moss.. I’m not sure how well that’ll work though!

While in the garden I managed to spot a few more ‘wild things’. Amongst the spiders, woodlice and centipedes I spotted one frog in each of our small nature ponds.

I made it inside with plenty of time before the rain arrived.

I did make a brief rainy dash to the corner shop for unhealthy evening snacks but this was one of those times when a walk in the rain is actually lovely. The snails seemed to be enjoying the wet weather too.


2 thoughts on “Day 5 of #30DaysWild & #WorldEnvironmentDay

  1. You gave a wonderful description of how morning’s are like with EDS. I struggle with explaining that its not just ‘not a morning person’, but that my ability in the morning isn’t an indicator of how I’ll be all day, either!
    I have to get joints back in place and have meds kicking in and food – and see how I cope with the food – morning’s are their own special challenge!
    Thank you for giving me more words to borrow when I need them.

    1. You’re most welcome. It’s always good to hear from other EDSers that share the same experiences. It reinforces what I know to be true when I write 🙂

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