Day 6 of #30DaysWild

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.”
Bill Watterson

I love rain, its refreshing and essential, but all changes in weather tend to come with not-so-pleasant reminders that my body does not work like it should. Ever heard someone talk about how their scars ache before it rains? Well.. after a lifetime of repeat injuries I’ve stacked up a fair amount of scar tissue. Mostly it’s subtle, no huge gnarly scars, just enough below the surface to turn me into a human barometer. I can tell the weather by the amount of pain I wake up in.

After a terrible nights sleep and a pain filled morning I had just enough energy to channel into my OT work. I did it though. I made it through the day, my workload is complete and my inbox is clear.

Instead of venturing outside I turned to my trusty kindle for an escape. I read, it’s a book on Druidry so I think it counts towards #30DaysWild.. at least as much as an indoor activity can count. I’ve also spent some time finally sorting out a Goodreads account. I’ve saved some of my favourite quotes for future projects. After a bit of reading I added this one to the list.

“Nothing will be wasted, everything that we have experienced in our lives, no matter how painful, will become a valuable part of our enlightened Self.”
Sophie Cornish

You know what, it’s right. Sure I hurt today but so did the people I worked with. Part of what makes me a good OT is that I understand the challenges faced by those with long-term conditions. I live them myself.

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