Day 7 of #30DaysWild – Mixing Bird Seed

Busy day with my OT work today. I did manage to find a bit of time to pop into the garden and top up the bird feeders.

I actually mix my own bird seed, sort of. After much experimentation I’ve finally found a mix of seeds that satisfy the whole range of garden birds.

So here we go. 50% is a wild bird mix from Barnard Bro’s. It’s a whole mix of small seeds, peanut chunks, meal worms and a few fat pellets.

To this I add 20% whole peanuts, 20% black sunflower seeds and 10% suet pellets.

I do change the mix a little each time and outside of winter and breeding season I don’t tend to include the extra suet pellets.

The Sunflower seeds (despite being RSPB recommended) have proven to be pretty un-popular with all of our garden birds. I was on the verge of removing them from the mix when we got our first visit from a wood-mouse.

Mousey Noms

During one of my routine bird-feeder-cleaning-and-refilling sessions I realised the actual levels of seed had dropped below the top perch and on top of the seeds were little heaps of nibbled sunflower shells.

So the sunflower seeds stay.

Hopefully if the mouse continues to eat them it’ll stop the dropped seeds growing out of the lawn so much!


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