Day 9 of #30DaysWild

Today was largely an indoor day. I’ve tried to get some admin work done ready for the move and I’m actually struggling a bit. As with many chronic pain folks, I struggle with sudden changes of weather. Stormy weather in particular. I recently came across a quote that sums up my feelings rather well.

Wise words indeed, I’ve said similar things over the years but perhaps not so eloquently.
Anyway, today I listened and rested and ate soft foods to appease my angry jaw (random TMJ subluxation).
Since the house moving starts on Monday I find myself reluctant to do too much. I know the next week is going to be exhausting and exciting in equal measure.
I did spend some time in the back garden with a visiting doggie. Pippa is one of our regular dog-sitting visitors and I absolutely love her, she’s such a character. The photo was taken a long time ago, she’s a little more ‘well-aged’ these days.


We wrestled and cuddled on the lawn and she got lots of tickles.
In other news today, I got my first piece of new-house furniture. I’m feeling like a proper adult all of a sudden.
Hopefully over the next few days I’ll manage to get some more exciting nature and some photos!


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