Days 23 & 24 of #30DaysWild

I’m combining two days because I didn’t do much wild on either of them. I thought I’d do a quick post explaining why. If you follow my social media you’ll know I’ve been rather busy.

Friday the 23rd, I spent the day in Stowmarket at the Suffolk Coalition of Disabled People‘s AGM. I gave a casual improvised talk on practical tips for managing anxiety. I had a fantastic day, the highlights of which were getting to keep all the leftover gluten-free biscuits and listening to Mic Scarlet’s hilarious talk about mental illness and a lifetime of disability advocacy.

After arriving home and crashing out on the sofa I did have to catch and remove a Billywitch from the living room. ‘What on earth is a Billywitch’ you might be thinking.. well this appears to be a totally regional name for the Cock Chafer or May Bug. Until I moved away from Suffolk for university I had no idea they were called anything other than Billywitches!

Saturday the 24th (yesterday) was spent at University College London at Dr Jane Simmonds’ hypermobility masterclass. I was there representing the HMSA and chatting to all the delegates about the work we do as a charity and my own life with a Hypermobile EDS.

As expected I was somewhat knackered after two back-to-back days in ‘Professional Mode’.


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  1. Good news you were enjoying yourself in professional mode and not worn out from the move.

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