Days out and wheelchair pimping

Today was one of Addz days off, there aren’t many days in th week we both have free but Saturday’s is one of them. Addz gets up early and heads off somewhere for a run while I supervise the pillows for a few more hours…beds can’t be left alone for too long ya know!

We decided today was a going out day as supposed to a staying in day. We ended up at bypass nurseries. It’s like a combination of pet shop, garden centre, shabby chic Home decor and a little arts and crafts bit. After wandering around the whole place (pushed myself in my chair WITHOUT power assist the whole time) I ended up in the arts and crafts section, naturally. Of course it would have been rude to leave without buying anything so I ended up with a beautiful White swirly pot for my orchid (photos tomorrow) and some stickers (the foil kind) to decorate the clear plastic spoke guards on my manual wheels.
Here they are all prettied up!


Silver foil stickers, buttons, flowers, swirls, stars and more. They were 99p a sheet and I’ve still got lots spare!
Much better than plain clear plastic! We left about lunch time but failed to find an open pub anywhere so we ended up with a picnic at the Suffolk food hall. We baught strawberries, sugar coated almonds, and I had a GF sausage roll while Addz had smoke kind of pie/quiche. While perusing the rest of the shops there after our improvised picnic I picked up some memory foam knee pads. Aimed at gardening but pretty good for EDSers/PoTSies with a limited capability for walking at the moment!
We headed back home to the kennels (sorry… I mean house) after that and I was bundled and licked and moulted over by all of our resident and visiting doggies. They all seemed pleased to see me!
The rest of the afternoon was spent under a blanket trying to work out wordpress Vs Android. After changing the look of my blog I was really happy with it but I’d been informed it wasn’t mobile friendly so I’ve hopefully fixed that now! Please do let me know of its still an issue folks.
After a lovely stirfry tea I curled up on the sofa with various dogs (and Addz) to keep me warm while catching up with Elementary on V+. I don’t care what anyone says its much better than the other Sherlock. Haha
I’m ending the day blogging in the bath and trying to soak away the back pain before bed.
Alternative use for the bath board Aldeburgh OT got me seems to be stopping me from dropping my phone in the water!

I know I’m making progress with my core strength but I’m yet to see a decrease in the low back pain. I’m still hopeful Pilates will get me back to my previously manageable levels… Until it does I shall be sulking about it and taking diazepam!

G’night folks

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4 thoughts on “Days out and wheelchair pimping

  1. I am hoping you can help! I am desperately trying to find clear spoke guards for my wheelchair and am wondering where you got your ones?

    Tara xxxxxx

    1. I ordered mine when I got my chair. I know Quickie sell them. If gou ask any big mobility company like GBL, Felgains or EPC they chould be able to help! X

      1. Thanks for the reply 😀 My Quickie Neon has been ordered but they wanted too much for the guards 🙁 But I will contact the others you suggested 🙂 xxxxxx

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