The End of #30DaysWild

I did my best to blog daily during 30 Days Wild. I missed a few days and I’m now finishing up with the multi-day post. To be honest I’m still pretty pleased with how well I’ve done. Given the health challenges I face during heat waves, a house move and a total lack of Wi-Fi for multiple weeks I don’t think I did badly at all.

I do feel a little like I finished poorly so this post will be a summary and highlights reel of my 30 days wild experience.

I’ll start things off with a YouTube playlist of my videos!

I’ve really enjoyed sharing all the trail cam footage and the response both on my blog and on social media has been lovely. It’s a great sign that my wonderful readers appreciate urban wildlife as much as I do.

I’d also like to add in a link to my Flickr album for 30 Days Wild 2017.

As a summary I thought I’d list all the species I’ve come across in my new home so far.


Blackbird, blue tit, gold finch, great tit, green finch, startling, wood-pigeon, house martin, dunnock, jackdaw, herring gull, robin, collared dove.


Ants (lots of them), earwigs, billy witches (may bugs), wood lice, green shield bug, all sorts of bees, ladybirds, worms, slugs, snails, cabbage white, speckled wood, small skipper, lots of moths, more spiders than I like to think about!

I’m sure there are more but I’m fighting off the heat-induced-brain-fog!

My final thoughts are thank you’s. Thank you to everyone who I’ve chatted with, bumped into, tweeted, commented or emailed with. Thank you to everyone who took part and shared their finds and adventures. I’ve loved seeing what everyone got up to. Finally, Thank you to The Wildlife Trusts for coming up with this. I’ve enjoyed it immensely!

Because of the wonderful response I’ve had from readers I’ve decided to do nature posts more often. Please do hang around if you’ve visited during 30 Days Wild.

Stay wild


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