Leaf cutter Bees

So a while ago I posted some updates about our Robin family and got some great responses. Well this one’s a bit different, we have 2 yes 2 bee’s nests in our back garden!

The 1st nest was discovered by mum about 3 weeks ago, she thought someone had chucked a load of grass clippings in the lily garden and went to pick it up only to find it was full of bees!! so she put the top back on and backed away (un-stung). By way of an apology to the bees we put a heap of real grass clippings near by and watched them take the grass back to their little home.


This is the nest as mum discovered it and Below is it now


I was out in the garden this morning and saw a bee land on our little window box.. so I continued to watch the bee and it crawled inside.. I kept watching and another bee flew out of a different hole?!  so I grab my camera and keep watching. I watched two (possibly more) bees take little leaf cuttings in and out of the two entrances…here are the photos

Bee's Nest 2: Bee taking a leaf cutting into the entrance tunnel

Bees Nest Number 2: bee taking a leaf cutting into the nest.



I’ll keep you updated if they stay around 🙂

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