Nantcol Waterfalls camping Trip

Mother and I went camping 😀 1st time in ages and I loved it!. We were staying at Nantcol Waterfalls Campsite

Well the site was beautiful and in a lovely location, the pitches were level with good grass and a fire pit, not too terrible for wheelchair access either! the disabled loo / washroom was great with loads of grab rails and well laid out.. appart form the shower with no rails whatsoever! and a loose drain to top it all of *falls on floor* I did inform the owners that this wasn’t really ideal! they didn’t seem to really listen tho..

Going to Wales you’d think it would be cool and damp right? NO one day we left the beach at 18:30 … it was 30 degrees!

I did struggle with POTS mamagment but I found interesting solution to the heat problem..  Image

This photo is from Beddgelert and I spent ages in the river getting slightly odd looks from other tourists, but with cold feet and a view like this who would want to get out of the river!


I swam/paddled in the river or sea on average twice a day and it helped lol!!

The scenery was beautiful and the River that ran through the camp site wound its way through the hills, me and mum followed it up to the top of the hill and I got a few nice shots!


This is from the bottom of the waterfall near the campsite


This is from a bit higher up, I gave in with the walking and swam in the river shortly after! hahaha


This was the view from my improvised swimming pool 😀


This is a lovely golden ringed dragonfly from the top of the waterfall/hill which conveniently landed right near my feet and stayed still for ages and ages.

I had such a lovely time but man did I pay for it the next day!! haha spent the whole of the next day on the beach / harbour at Barmouth with very little walking and lots of relaxing


The beach was beautiful and there were loads of shells, good ones too!


I really love picking through the tide line and picking up shells.

The last day spent at Barmouth was great, the town was lovely and the harbour was so picturesque I spent ages getting shots of the Herring Gulls pestering tourists


The last evening at the campsite was spoilt a bit by the loud, rude bunch of people who arrived that evening and were playing music, drinking and swearing until about midnight despite the silence after 11pm rule! I did eventually get some sleep and we packed up to come home the next day.

We Stopped off at Iron Bridge on the way home to have a look at the country’s 1st Iron bridge and the historical sites which featured prominently during the industrial revolution. After some quick exploring (in the baking heat) we decided it was too far for me to go and we headed for the tea room & antiques shop. I picked up a beautiful silver necklace with a silver pendant for £8 😀 we sat down for a cake and drink in the shade, unfortunatly there was only one gluten free option.. Luckily it was an AMAZING option!


While munching on desserts and chilling in the shade we spotted a river cruise going past and decided that was the best way to get to the bridge with no walking what so ever!

we were right, it was beautiful!


The boat crew talked us through the sites and nature and we got to stop under the bridge and come to the front of the boat to take photos of the bridge


So that was the end of our holiday, we headed home and with a few brief stops for me to flake out in the shade we made it home safe and sound. I’m recovering quite well and am looking very tanned so overall it was a great trip.

If you’d like to have a look at the rest of my holiday photos then they are here.

Thanks for reading folks

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  1. That is a lovely blog about your holiday. It is a lovely area of Wales. I visited there many years ago. So glad you had a change of scene.

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