OT, Physio, Sunbathing and Jewellery making :)

Hey folks its been a while since I updated you all so here goes…

I had a visit from my lovely community OT who ordered me a profiling bed, its arrived and it is sleep heaven! I love it, Im now able to lift up either my head or feet or both, raise and lower the whole bed and tilt it either head up or feet up too! I have a standard pressure care mattress and put my own memory foam topper on and I can honestly say its bliss!


She also brought me an inflatable bath lift to trial and its awesome so I’m looking forward to getting my own!

I’ve also been visited by the community physio team who went through my current physio plan and watched me walk up and down the stairs etc. They are going to see me weekly for about 6 weeks then hopefully I’ll be ready to move over to the outpatient team at the hospital.

I also took a trip to halfords and pimped my chair.. with some awesome spoke reflectors, and a drink holder. 🙂


Since then its been mostly arts and crafts, pilates and walking practice.

I’ve got some new charms for my cotton cord bracelets like this one…


finally here is a quick update on my walking practice, you can see the video HERE and I’ve added some new photos to my Flickr page HERE

Sorry for the lack of blogging folks I’ll do my best to do some more interesting things soon hahaha

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