Isle of Skye Holiday – Journey up and arrival

1st off sorry for the total lack of blogging lately but I’m using a holiday as an excuse to get started again!

Me and mum are having a week on the Isle of Skye, we travelled from home to Dumbarton in one go (well done mum) and spent the night in a fab accessible room at the Premier Inn, after a restless but cosy night sleep we started out on the scenic rout to Skye this morning. Having come most of the way yesterday we could spend the day taking photos and wandering around pretty areas. The weather wasn’t half bad either! We managed to avoid the rain totally this morning when we wandered around some of Loch Lomond at Balloch. It was beautiful. We saw ducks, a tree creeper, blue tits, long tailed tits, robins, crows and sparrows. The views were beautiful and almost everyone we went past said a friendly hello.

Skye Holiday-001

The rest of the journey was spend parked in laybys and ditches or taking photos out of windows. The whole route was beautiful and watching the clouds roll over the hills almost made it worth braving the rain!

My favourite part was the waterfall on the side of the road in Glen Coe. (shown below) there was a nice little viewing platform with walls and railings away from the road so photography was easy appart from the rain, I think I took 20 photos trying to get on without a water drop on the lens! The clouds over the mountains at Bouchaille Etive were also amazing to watch (and a little damp).

Skye Holiday-002

Towards the end of out drive we passed through Fort William and stopped for some more photos…. The family of swans were kind enough to paddle slowly across the sunset.

Skye Holiday-003

We made a long stop at a little stone bridge in Glen Shiel… complete with stripey pebbles, Autumn leaves and long horn sheep. The sheep didn’t stick around for long but the Autumn leaves did and the round stripey pebbles full of mica did too 😉

Skye Holiday-004

Our final stop was at Castle Eilean Donan but by then the light was fading and the tide was wrong for decent pics.

We arrived at out temporary home, Puffin Croft, just after dark and managed to get un packed just before the heavens opened.

The Cottage is small and cozy, but smells a little dusty. We got a log fire going and opened up all the rooms to air them out and try to get the whole cottage the same temperature. My PoTS doesn’t cope well with a mix of ice cold and sweltering rooms all in one house!

There are lovely puffin photos through out the cottage and my room is down stairs (not so good for mum, the stairs are precarious to say the least). The kitchen is lovely and the conservatory is cozy and apparently has stunning views but I won’t know for sure until the morning!

I’m now going to cuddle up with my kindle and a soy hot chocolate!

Ciao for now

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