First full day on Skye

Today was the 1st full day on the Isle of Skye, I meant to get up early but after a bad nights sleep I eventually got up at 9:30ish.. I said yesterday I’d post a photo of the view from our cottage and here it is! The pic is taken through my bedroom window


Lovely right? I wasn’t expecting the sea to come quite so close! While amiring the view me and mum spotted a weasle darting across the bottom gate. Hopefully he’ll come back when I’ve got my camera to hand.

After breakfast in the conservatory and getting dressed in lots of warm clothes me and mum headed out towards Portree to book a boat trip for later in the week. We stopped lots along the way to explore waterfalls, hills, bridges and landscapes. The 1st one was a lovely roadside waterfall (with a seriously muddy approach) at the head of Loch Ainort. I was in goretex boots so I survived fairly well mum was in shoes tho so she had to work a bit harder to keep her feet dry!!

Skye Holiday-005

After paddling back to the car we caried on our way and before stopping at Sligachan Bridges, there were two bridges, one road bridge (a sinle brick arch) and one pedestrian bridge, this one a series of stone arches, the same river flows under both linking them together.

Skye Holiday-006

After leaving the bridges we drove into Portree, we made it to the harbour and enquired about a boat trip. I rested in the car while mum asked, the chap in the fish and chip shop man sent mum to the boat man who informed mum ”We’re not goin’ ooout todaaay, the weather is toooo skankey fer land lubbers” so were booked in for Saturday. The company run a small boat in the summer and take out some fish to feed white tailed Eagles, this time of year they run a bigger boat which luckily for me has wheelchair access. Hopefully both the weather and the eagles will co-operate!

After leaving Portree our next stop was a waterfall which I think is called the Bride’s Veil, this was also our picnic stop (well eating crisps in the car break) I headed up the waterfall, again a muddy approach! glad I was wearing boots 🙂

This was one of my favourite stops of the day and I loved taking photos whilst perched on a rock with my tripod half in the water! The sky was overcast meaning even at noon I could get away with 1 second exposures, the water blurred beautifully and I’m really pleased with my results.

Skye Holiday-007

After leaving the waterfall we headed further along the coast to the viewpoint for Kilt Rock and the huge waterfall there. The wind really whipped around there and the metal railings had wholes drilled through them, the wind sang and whistled through the rails giving an amazing musical accompaniment to the stunning views and sheer drop to the water below! We had a brief visit from a seal below and spent a while watching Hooded Crows dive off the clifs and get swept back by the wind. We had a brief chat with a couple on their holidays too which was nice.

You can hear the wind singing in on my flickr page HERE and theres a video of the waterfall itsself HERE

We made a brief stop on a beach too and watched a juvenile Gannet diving for a while.

After leaving the beach we headed for ‘home’ via the Quiraing. The road is supposed to be ‘treacerous’ and is supposedly impassable in bad weather. The views were pretty stunning but its not the scariest pass mum’s driven us through. We made a brief stop overlooking Staffin before carrying on.

Panorama 3

Half way over the pass I spotted what I think is a Buzzard perched on a fence post, I shouted at mum who pulled over quickly, I wasn’t expecting to get a shot before it flew away but I was pleasntly surprised, she hung around for about 5 photos before hovering flying two loops over the car and flying away. Beautiful.


I have to say, all in all it was an amazing day and I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow.

Ciao for now 🙂

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