Skye Holiday Continued.

I didn’t sleep well again last night so I woke up feeling pretty rough. I’ve walked a lot over the last few days and its the 1st time I’ve been on such rough terrain since my health crash 8 months ago, my knees are sore and I’ve rolled my ankles a few times but thats nothing more than what I expected.

I eventually got myself up and dressed and we headed out to Elgol. The wind really picked up and it rained a bit too but nothing disasterous. We had a couple of quick stops along the way, one on the shores of Loch Slapin so mum could look for rocks.. I mean ”Geology Samples” … I stayed dry in the car and watched the sheep and brids.


The second stop was for a buzzard on a fance post, he scarpered before I could get a close up but I managed two of him reaching his next perch.

Skye Holiday-008

Soon after the Buzzard left we were on our way, the rain eased up just as we arrived at Elgol but the wind more than made up for that! I used my wheelchair to get a bit of a rest but even the flattest parts of the bay were up hill! Mum had to help push for about half of it… why didn’t I use my power assist wheels? well I got them out of the car and they wouldn’t turn on. FANTASTIC… hopefully a good charge will set them right.

Anyway I watched a pair of buzzards chase eachother through the high winds and dive bomb off the top of the cliff, and I photographed some impressive storm clouds before taking shelter behind a school bus to avoid the wind, mum wandered off down the beach to look at the awesome rock formations and to find more ”geology samples” 😉

Skye Holiday-009

By the time we’d taken shelter back in the car I was freezing but feeling pretty refreshed. I was still feeling pretty rough tho so we chose a warm activity next. On the wat to Elgol we’d spotted a sign for a goldsmith / jewellery place and we popped in on the way back.

Duncan House: Fine Celtic Jewellery was amazing, the workmanship was exquisite. Mixes of prescious metals and faceted gems woven into amazing keltic patterns. If you’re ever on Skye I totally recommend a visit!… unfortunately it was slightly out of our price range but I know where I’ll start shopping if I ever need an engagement ring (Hope you’re reading this Addz)

After we’d admired the shiny things and warmed up a bit we headed back towards home, we stopped off at Loch Slapin again but this time on the other side of the road. There was a beautiful little river with a series of waterfalls, twisty trees and dramatic rock formations.

I once again was reminded of my love for climbing and adventuring and I set out with my tripod & camera to find the best angles available… I’ve always found clambering over rocks and climbing up steep slopes and rocks much easier than walking. I think its a combination of short steps being safer on my unstable hips and being able to use both my arms and legs, this helps me balance (something I’m not naturally very good at) and improves my proprioception no end.

Anyway the waterfall was lovely and I’m really pleased with my photos…

Skye Holiday-010

Just to wipe the smile off my face, I’d clambered over rocks, crossed the river twice and walked back to the car, only to twist my ankle 2 steps from the car door!

Anyway we stopped off at Broadford to pop to the co-op and I popped into a jewellery and trinkets place. I took a quick photo of some cute little boat and we headed home.

We arrived back at the cottage just before sunset so I paddled out into the bay to get a good shot of the sunset reflected in the roch pools and streams.

Panorama sunset 2

By this point I was totally shattered so it was time for a hot chocolate and some dinner. At this point my body tried a last ditch attempt to ruin my day. Half a tooth randomly broke off! Its not pretty!! Luckily for my I’d already had a root canal on that particular tooth (or whats left of it) so it doesn’t hurt at all.. It is however pretty darn sharp! If I end up cutting my tongue on it I might have to bite the metaphorical bullet and see an emergency dentist… Not something I’m keen to do given that anaesthetics don’t really work and I have a habit of subluxing my jaw… all in all not fun.

**************** Gross broken tooth photo**********************

Anyway I’m all snuggled up on the sofa watching TV and keeping an eye on the night sky just incase the araura decides to make an appearance.

Ciao for now

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