Skye Holiday: Portree Boat Trip

I’m starting today’s post with last night.. does that make sense? well anyway after I blogged lastnight me and mum spent some time outside, there was a slight chance the aurora would be visible and it would seem it was. Mum had to help me out with the photography since my night vision is pretty crap. I couldn’t really see anything besides my usual multicoloured static, mum helped position my camera so I was aiming at the right plsace in the sky, I’d already sorted the settings for night time long exposures. After about half an hour my eyes had started to adjust to the low light and I could make out the bigger brighter stars. I could also make out some of the Milky way directly over head. Now even after half an hour my vision was still nmost;ly static like a night vision camera recording or a badly tuned TV. Mum also helped with the editing to help me guage what the night sky actually looked like. Heres my best attempt at the Milky Way.

Night Sky, The Milky Way

After a while the Northern Lights/Aurora did indeed make an appearance! I took a fair few 30 second exposures and then edited them this morning. This one shows a slight green tinge along with The Plow constellation.


Not the best photo in the world but I’m really pleased with it, especially given that I couldn’t see a thing out there! I love the night sky and the aurora, all the beauty of the universe. I really do love staring at the stars even if I can’t see half of whats up there. I love the tranquility. Last night reminded me of Tenerife, it was just so so dark and there were so many stars, and the longer I sat there in the dark the more I could see…probably a good job it was dark since I was wearing a sleeping bag, a wooly hat, gloves and a lilac fuzzy dressing gown… 😉

Today we were booked onto a boat trip going from Portree, out around the bay and some surrounding coast. The Stardust II was a medium size boat with a total of 11 people on board.

We set out from port at Portree and headed out of the bay, the captain spotted the first White Tailed Eagle pretty quickly. He was perched on a rocky outcrop pretty high up, there was a second one perched even further up and really well camoflged. The captain was well prepared and bruoght out a fish and lobbed it into the water, after a few minutes the first Eagle made a slow graceful circle before snatching up the fish and making its way back to its perch…

Skye Holiday-001

I was so so happy with the pictures even before I’d had a chance to edit them. We moved along to the next location soon after and came across another pair of eagles. With this pair the female was much more confident around the boats than the male (he stayed up high besides one flight around the bay) The female very kindly swooped down for a fish when the captain threw one out. She heaaded back to her lofty perch and ate her prize.

Skye Holiday-002

After the eagles we headed further on in search of seals. There had been the odd isolated seal that disaperared as soon as we’d spotted it. The cap’n found us a little island with loads of seals cilling ontop and loads more swimming around. They seemed to like watching us as much as we liked watching them. They bobbed around and played and splashed. All too soon it was time to head back to Portree.

Skye Holiday-001

Along with the wildlife pictured here we also caught a brief glimpse of a Minky Whale, plenty of cormorants, gulls, Porpoises and some rock doves. All in all a pretty amazing trip!

Me and mum spent a while wandering around Portree afterward and browsed the shops. My favourite shop by a long way was Skye Batiks The owner met us at the door, offered to help in any way she could then even offered us coffee!! Amazing Customer service! Each piece was hand coloured and available in loads of beautiful colour combvinations. I picked up a beautiful wrap around skirt in purple and black with white stripes and speckles and mum baught a lovely floppy patchwork hat with mixed colours.

After spending our holiday money we headed back to our local village and picked up some fish a chips (well I had chicken). we got back to the cottage and found the owner parked outside! turns out she’s been on the other boat we’d seen while eagle watcing!

Anyway after stuffing our faces I settles down to a lot of phot editing and a bit of casual blogging! 😉

Ciao for now folks 🙂

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