Rest day on Skye, wildlife photography

I woke up feeling pretty rough this morning so today turned into a rest day. My pain and fatigue made my chances of achieving anything pretty slim so mum helped me set up camp just outside the garden wall so I could watch the birds in the rock pools.


I did move as far as the tree stumps to sit a bit higher up.. Other than that I was horizontal for a pretty long time!

There were a pair of Herons in the pools for most of the afternoon and the water was beautifully still and reflective so birds in flight were reflected really clearly as they flew over the pools.

Skye Holiday-001

I also had frequent visits from a very friendly little robin! he hopped around anf flitted around me. It wasn’t until I started editing that I realised it was actually 2 different birds! Both had posed on the same log, the photos look almost identical but you can see the robin on the left has a small white spot in the read of his breast, the one on the right doesn’t have a spot and theres a deeper white V where the red feathers start on his front.

Skye Holiday-002

I also got a brief visit from a little wren who sat just in front of me and sang befor darting off into the brush. This little one seemed much happier out in the open than the wrens in our garden back home.


while I was laying on the log pile mum went off for a walk, when she arrived back home I turned around at the sound of her footsteps.. just to see this little chap looking at me!! We’d seen a weasle around the gardena few times but he never stuck around long enough for a photo, this time was different. He stood there watching me before creeping closer, he move forward a bit before darting back into the wall then moving a bit closer.. Isn’t he cute?


Me and mum watched him for a while before he moved on..soon after we had another visitor! an Otter!! the first one I’ve ever seen and he was there for ages!! We watched him catch a crab and take it onto an island before crunching it up. Every time he went out for another crab I snuck a little closer. I eventually managed to get close enough for a few passable photo. Not half bad with just a 300mm lens.

Skye Holiday-003

I was totally delighted with this and he was so comfortable with me on the beach too. By this time i’d climbed out onto the rocks and the water was still beautifully still so I took a few photos for a panorama…

Panorama reflection

After leaving the bay me and mum did go for a short walk after chatting with our new temporary neighbour. I have to say it was a mistake, as pretty as everything was I felt terrible after just a short time. I staggered home feeling very PoTSy and like all of my joints were collapsing down on themselves. (Which the probably were). I flopped on the sofa and started sorting through my photos. I think the Weasle is my favourite.

Tomorrow we’re planning on venturing further a field so hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit more human.

Ciao for now.

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