Skye Holiday, Birds and a Sunset

We’re nearing the end of our holiday and I woke up feeling a bit less PoTSy and a bit less fatigued so we decided to venture out. We stopped at Broadford to visit the shop ‘Love from Skye’ an amazing jeweller (who also sells online) they have some really beautiful stuff and I’m seriously tempted to go back tomorrow and use up my christmas money in advance. After leaving Broadford we headed to Glen Brittle and found a beautiful waterfall outside the Glen Brittle youth hostel. The water was a stunning blue green beautifully clear, I think this is the same river that flows through the Fairy Pools. The Fairy Pools are about a 40 minute walk up hill through boggy grass and over rocks, I’ve made a lot of progress with physio but theres no way I could walk for that long/far. I start feeling tachycardic after about 5mins of walking (sometimes less) and it feels like my spine is collapsing down on its self, my legs get progressively heavier and I get a burning pain in my feet which spreads up my legs. I also frequently get short sharp pains in my hips like tiny bolts of lightning as my hips sublux. After about 10 mins I’m in a lot of pain and usually pretty lightheaded & tachycardic.. so as pretty as the pools might be, I won’t be getting there any time soon. I was a little sad about that but after finding this waterfall I didn’t feel like I’d lost out at all

. DSC_4545

I managed to scramble down a sheep track to get down level with the water.. I traversed the edge of the rocks to get up the river and close to the pool. Me and mum did walk a bit higher but I didn’t make it far, once again rock climbing and scrambling proved to be much much easier than walking! We hopped back in the car and headed a bit further on, our next stop was teh beach at Glen Brittle. We drove through the Glen Brittle forrest but the golden eagles proved somewhat elusive. We arrived at the beach to find a flock of Oyster Catchers sharing a field with the resident sheep.. not sure there were any Oysters but the birds seemed happy enough!


I have to say although we were pretty close to the beach, the wading birds on grass looked a little out of place! There was a patch of scrubby grass and some little twisted trees clinging to life, they had been warped and windswept into awesome shapes and looked really dramatic with the mountains in the background.


I took a short walk on the beach (and ended up tachy pretty quickly) luckily for me it was a nice place to just sit and enjoy the view while taking rest breaks. I made it back to the car and watched lots of birds flitting around while eating GF chocolate tiffin with my feet up. I was very pleased to get photos of a pair of Stonechat’s (first time sighting for me) as well as a flock of Geese landing in perfect synchronisation with eachother. I was also treated to a long visit from a thrust who posed for photos and a couple of hooded crows too.

Skye Holiday-004

After leaving Glen Brittle we headed to Carbost to visit the Talisker Distillery, whiskey isn’t to my taste but it was an interesting shop with photos of the distillery from when it first openeed and bottles of vintage whiskey costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds each!! On the way back to our cottage we stopped to watch the sunset and it really was a beautiful one. The whole sky lit up and the amazing clounrs reflected in the water of Loch Harport. We stayed until the light began to fade and I took way more photos than nessesary. I am really pleased with the ones I kept tho.


Stunning right? After that we headed for home and mum made dinner, the rest of the evening was spent watching the Hunger Games and editing photos while curled up under a blanket. Tomorrow is our last full day on Skye so I’m hoping to wake up feeling good so I can make the most of it, especially since the weather forecast is good!

Ciao for now everyone.

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