Last full day on Skye, Silver stags and Scottage Cheese.

Today was our last full day on Skye… and I spent most of it in bed. After a total sleep fail lastnight I woke up feeling groggy, PoTSy and generally pretty naff. I snuggled up in bed with my kindle and finally dragged myself out of bed after lunch to enjoy the last few daylight hours. Mum and I popped into Broadford to visit the few crafty gift shops and I eneded up back at ‘Love From Skye‘ a beautiful jewellery shop who’s stock is sold in shops all over the island. The main shop in Broadford has a little studio attached so you can actually see the designer at work as well as snapshots of the dedign process.

I’d first saw their Stag necklace in a leaflet in the chip shop a few days ago and I’d been admiring it ever since.. luckily for me mum offered me an early Xmas prezzie!


After being treated to a pretty shiny necklace we headed out to the jetty and looked back on our cottage. We decided to head out for a drive and ended up at Armadale, we met a chap who goes by the name of Grumpy George, he isn’t actually grumpy at all but is a fantastic photorapher! I have to say he’s also the most Scottish person I’ve met all holiday, brilliant accent!!

Armadale was lovely and there were a few little shops along with a very pretty reflective bit of open water.


Another rather lovely sight at Armadale was this funky rainbow cloud over the mountains opposite! This is the second cloud rainbow I’ve seen on this holiday but this one is is much better than the first one through.


After leaving Armadale we carried on further along the coast looking for a place to watch the sunset. I got one photo but the sunset rather fizzled out after showing a lot of intital progress.


After the sunset we meandered our way back to broadford, since its out last evening on Skye I treated mum to a pub dinner. We went to The Claymore, a lovely little local pub with a dining area and an attached bar. I couldn’t eat anything off the menue so they made me a slight variation on their chicked and chips The chicken was delicions, I can’t imagine for a second its healthily made it just tasted too good. The meal itsself was huge so I asked for the leftover to be boxed up (almost enough for another meal)

During the pre meal chat me and mum seriously got the giggles, you know when you try to say two words and somehow manage to come out with one word thats a combination of the two words you were trying to say? well it happens to me a lot but this time it was mum who came out with ”Scottage Cheese” when attempting to say scottish cottage cheese. I’m not entirely sure why we both found it so funny but I’m still giggling now.

This evening’s entertainment is football, England Vs Scotland so mum can happily shout at the TV while I hog the internet. We’ve got a fire going and I’m going to attempt to upload some of my photos to Flickr. You can have a look at my flickr accont HERE but I probably won’t have all of the photos up for a few days so you might like to pop back then.

The next time I blog i’ll probably be back home since our premier in only gives us 30mins wifi and I’m too much of a cheapskate to buy more.

Ciao for now folks.

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