Day 26 of #30DaysWild – Trail Cam Highlights Reel

At this point I was still very much in recovery mode. Busy days (like those on the 23rd & 24th) usually leave me knackered for a good few days. I did manage to get out and check my trail camera. After sifting through literally hours of footage (which in it’s self is awesome) I have…Continue reading Day 26 of #30DaysWild – Trail Cam Highlights Reel

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Day 25 of #30DaysWild – Starlings on camera.

Following the theme of the last few weeks I am running late. Day 25 was largely spent recovering from the previous two days of busy volunteering. While pottering around the garden, reading and painting furniture in a half-hearted way, I spent a fair while watching the birds on the feeding station. It’s lovely to see…Continue reading Day 25 of #30DaysWild – Starlings on camera.

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30 days wild foxes

Day 10 of #30DaysWild – Urban Foxes

In preparation for the house move Addz (my partner) and I spent the day shopping. Both online and in the real world. We’ve been as thrifty as possible but I’ve splashed out a little on Chalk Finish Paint. I’ve dreamed of shabby chic furniture projects for years and the time has nearly arrived. Painting and…Continue reading Day 10 of #30DaysWild – Urban Foxes

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