Teide by Night

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Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately but I have just got back from a week in Tenerife so I’ve got plenty of things to share, 1st up is the ‘Teide by Night’ trip.

Teide by Night is a guided coach tour of the Teide Caldera and national park as well as the villages surrounding the volcano complex followed by a guided stargaze.

Our Tour guide was the lovely (and very knowledgeable) Fernando, our fantastic driver was Bernardo. I have to say they made a great team.

With me on the tour was my lovely and long suffering partner Addz, and one of my best friends Emma & her partner Alex. (We did the whole holiday thing together).

We were picked up from a nearby hotel before beginning our tour of the Island, while talking us through the history of the island and some of the culture we were shown the tourist hot spots as well as some of the quite little gems only the natives know about! since we were ahead of time we stopped for a cheeky little drink in one of those little gems while watching windsurfers and kite surfers frolic in the sea.

Teide by night tour


After a quick drink we were off again, we headed up through fishing villages, bodegas, old terraced farmland loads of amazing scenery like these on my Flickr page


Our next stop was at a really cool restaurant, The only one at the top of the mountains. (Brain fog has stolen the name of it from my memory).


Well wow! the view was phenomenal, the meal was amazing… or so I’m told… their idea of catering for dietary needs was to simply remove all of the things I couldn’t eat off the set meal.. well great.

1st course was a salad with tropical fruit.. mine minus the fruit..oddly enough even tho they were not on my allergies/intolerances list.

2nd course was basically fancy roast pork with gravy made of palm hearts and mixed veg.. MY 2nd course was pork and potatoes..dry.. yum 🙁

3rd course was ice cream sundaes…MY dessert/ that would be the fruit I’d been missing from my starter!  If I’d chosen the restaurant I can honestly say I wouldn’t have paid/would have walked out.

ooh and a bottle or red and white wine to choose from… or water.. I had water.

..this was a massive disappointment for me and made me feel kina left out.. I’m still a tad bitter about my recent digestive failures as it is!

The other downsides to the otherwise beautiful resteraunt included the lack of wheelchair accessible toilet and standard toilets with minor flooding issues! (not fun when you have to wheel through it)

After we got back on the bus and headed out through the national park, through beautiful winding roads (with scary drops) and into the ancient pine forests. We stopped at the oldest tree on the island. In the photo below the tiny red dot is a 6 foot bloke!

Teide by night tour (really big Pine Tree)  Teide by night tour

This was one of the stops that wasn’t wheelchair accessible so my partner piggy-backed me down the steps/hills to get to the bottom for the group photo. Given the earlier wine and sneaky drink at the start of the trip this was a scary method of descent! haha


After seeing the big tree we continued up the mountains, we got above the clouds headed to the sunset viewing. on the way out our tour guide told us about the Tenerifian Pine, a FIRE PROOF TREE the bark is so thick the tree can burn without actually dying, the higher up trees (near the more recent volcanic activity) were blackened by fire by with fresh green leaves!

At sunset we were well above the clouds with a view of the grand canaria and a glass (seemingly impossible to empty) of Cava.

Naturally we amused ourselves with photos.

Volcano back flip... Teide by night tour Teide by night tour DSCN6788


There were 3 tour busses there and the teams from each mingled and we all shared Cava..

Teide by night tour

The sun set and we headed off to our NEXT stop, this time a fancy hotel for drinks until it was full dark.

After a totally blissful hot chocolate and a while to warm up we headed out to the wilderness in a layby, got out, wrapped ourselves up in blankets and then the driver killed the lights from the bus.

WOW I have never seen so many stars, my night vision isn’t good! not by a long way and because of my inability to process high light contrasts I normally struggle to see stars at all. My night vision normally looks something like this…

Landscapes & Sky scapes2

So you can imagine why I usually find star-gazing pretty damn hard! This place was so truly dark I didn’t have to deal with the contrast blindness just the dark and the stars.. I cried (just a little) I’ve always resented not being able to see stars like ‘normal’ so for me this was a dream come true. I was able to SEE stars, to make out constellations and to witness the majesty of the night sky, not just in astronomy photos but with my own eyes, under a blanket with the man I love. Shooting stars and all.

Fernando talked us through all the constellations, taught us about why the north star is always in the same place when everything else moves. (this was a physical demonstration where my friend Emma played the role of the Sun.

The whole time there under the stars passed in a blur and I could have happily stayed there all night.

We headed home, listening to music and eating sweets (Thanks Bernardo).

I haven’t told you everything, and I’ve kept some memories for myself and the people I love but I hope this will convince any of you visiting Tenerife to book in for this excursion. I can honestly say it was magical.

(If your Gluten Free pack a picnic tho) haha

If you’d like to know more then please check out Teide by Night on facebook or visit their website

Ciao for now 🙂




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