Accessibility & Etiquette

As an OT and a disabled person I always appreciate extra access info so here’s a quick summary of how appointments and communication usually go when working with me.

Appointment Planning & Communication

The vast majority of communication between you (the client) and me (the therapist) happens via email or social media. Traditionally, you will get in touch with me to start the conversation. Casual conversations can happen on any of my social media platforms but I only send/request paperwork and personal or health details via secure email.

Conversation tone is usually pretty casual unless I’m corresponding with other members of your medical team. As an example, GP’s usually prefer formal correspondence to start with.

I try to avoid using sarcasm, regional slang and metaphors for important communication but if you struggle with non-literal communication please let me know and I’ll make sure I’m particularly clear (but still casual) for all communication.

After an initial discussion about your needs and an exchange of paperwork we can book the appointment. If you struggle with email we can complete some of the appointment booking process via the phone. I can call you to offer appointment slots rather than emailing you a selection of available appointments to choose from.

Appointments are all carried out via video chat. Usually via Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. If you have a particular preference or specific access need we can use other platforms like WhatsApp.

Appointments are available between 11am and 8pm 7 days a week. There is no additional charge for weekend, evening or bank holiday appointments. Some appointment times are more popular than others and may come with a longer wait. I can usually fit in ’emergency’ appointments at short notice. If you are struggling with acute symptoms and are in need of support quickly please be honest with me and ask for an emergency appointment.

There is a £5 non-refundable deposit to be paid before your appointment. You can cancel or re-book with as little as 5 minutes notice since I work from home and understand the unpredictable nature of chronic health conditions.

Appointment Etiquette

Appointments are casual and relaxed unless you request otherwise. If you would like a break to stretch, get a drink or go to the loo etc. please just let me know and we’ll pause the appointment.

I always allow for 30 minutes ‘overtime’ at the end of your booked appointment. I will let you know when we reach the end of your time slot and ask if you’d like to continue, finish or re-book for another time. Any overtime will be invoiced for after the appointment and is charged at £5 per 5 minutes.

You are not expected to put on a brave face, or present yourself as less exhausted than you are. I have no problem with you being in bed, in PJ’s or on the sofa for the duration of our appointment. Occasionally I will be in PJ’s too.

You are welcome to have someone with you for the appointment. Either for support or to help you with communication or self-care. Or just because you think they’d benefit from a little education too! You do not have to let me know in advance but an introduction at the start of the appointment is appreciated.

You can take notes or recordings of the appointment if you wish. You do not need to ask in advance but please let me know if you are recording the session and do not share the recording without speaking to me first.

I am fluent in ‘brain fog’. Please do not worry about your ability to string a sentence together. Simply let me know if you’d rather be prompted or left to work out the words on your own.

I will always face the camera to speak but please let me know if I can assist with communication in any other way. I avoid wearing fussy, stripy or geometric patterns from the waist up and my face will be lit to make sure I can be seen clearly. There is a window in the office but I can shut the blinds if needed. I do fidget during appointments. It’s a necessary coping strategy for me. The camera doesn’t move so it won’t be ‘blare witch’ style filming and hopefully won’t cause you any problems.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can either use the contact forms in the appointment booking pages or simply email You can also use the messenger option on the bottom right hand corner of the website or contact me via WhatsApp or phone on 07507894759.

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