Wheelchair Information – What you need to know

The process of getting a wheelchair varies for everyone. Some use wheels from a very early age, others just in their golden years. Many, like me, end up on wheels in their 20’s or 30’s. The process for many people goes something like this…

Here’s your wheelchair. Off you go.

Over the first few months on wheels a few questions arise.. How does one get up a curb? Can my chair fit in the car? Do the wheels pop off? What happens when I get a flat tyre? What other kinds of chair are out there?

Over the years I often wished there was a beginner’s guide to wheelchair use, now that I’ve used a chair for a while I’ve decided to write one.

I asked wheelies on Facebook and twitter this question.

If there’s one thing you wish you knew when you first got a chair what would it be? These answers will be incorporated into the following posts. Please check back regularly, I’ll be adding different information as and when I can.

Click on the links below to start reading.

Wheelchair Types

a quick run-down of the most common types of wheelchair. Transit, Manual, Active User, Electric and Power Assist.

Propelling your wheelchair

Not as simple as you think, read about a few different techniques to get from A to B in your manual chair.

Wheelchair Accessories

Storage problems solved. Wheelchair bags, drinks holders and carabiners.

Wheelchair Cushions

A summary of the qualities and functions of different wheelchair cushions. Positioning, balance, pressure management, function and comfort.

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