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I offer a range of services to suit most budgets. My specialist areas are managing long-term conditions, rare disease advocacy, accessibility, and creative adaptations.  

The services below are an idea of the what I can offer so if you don’t see what you like then simply get in touch. If I can’t help I’ll be happy to help you find someone who can! Check out the Price List for specific costs per session. 

All of my services are available worldwide excluding The USA & Canada. (Sorry, nothing personal it’s an insurance/qualification issue!)

Self-Management Masterclasses

These sessions focus on core skills for living well with a long-term condition. To be honest, most of the advice is a good idea for everyone not just us chronically ill and disabled folks. 

I offer 3 core sessions, delivered in a variety of ways! 

Joint Protection Masterclasses

Great for those with rheumatological or musculoskeletal conditions. Learn the principles of safe movement and how to apply them to everyday activities. Following these tips can help avoid injuries and rest painful joints.

Pacing Masterclasses

Pacing is so much more than ‘taking more breaks’. It’s a great start to managing your fatigue and using your energy efficiently. This class will teach you to break up activities, plan your week and minimise the energy needed for tough tasks

Sleep Hygiene Masterclass

For many people, getting a good nights sleep can be a next-to-impossible. We all know trying to function on too few hours sleep can be tough. This sleep hygiene course is designed to teach you how to maximise your sleep and create a sleep routine, we can also cover pillows and posture to help beat ‘painsomnia’.

General sessions

For those of you who just want a block of time to talk about anything and everything the Freestyle Appointment is what you need. 

Freestyle Appointments

Not sure what you need? Come to me with a specific issue or two and we’ll work to find solutions. Perfect for vague feelings of I’m-sure-it-shouldn’t-be-this-hard. Leave the details to me. These sessions also work well for follow-up’s if you’ve recently had one of the Masterclasses.

Combination Appointments

These sessions combine a direct session with some homework on my end. The finished result is some kind of paperwork summarising what we’ve discussed.  

Flare Up Planning

Aimed at people with variable conditions. A ‘Flare-up’ is a sudden and often unexplained increase in symptoms like pain or fatigue. Flare-ups are temporary but can be really hard to deal with, a flare-up can make managing your health while living your life almost impossible. A plan gets everything you need to do in one document. Perfect for communicating your needs and coping strategies with Doctors, family, friends and support staff. The flare-up plan acts as a great prompt for beating ‘brain fog’ too.

Personal Shopping for Daily Living Aids

Aids and adaptations are available for a huge range of activities but the variety available can be overwhelming. Come to me with a list of your challenges and I will give you an itemized list of recommendations to suit your budget.

Mentoring and Professional Development

Wellbeing in Practice/Work mentoring

Perfect for health and social care professionals with long-term health conditions. or Those who simply struggle to integrate self-care and self-management into a busy work environment. Professional development often focusses solely on work, this session is aimed at integrating and improving self-care at work. Look after yourself and improve your workplace performance too.

Coming Soon++ Tarot and Oracle based Professional Development. A creative and innovative way to do reflective practice with a little magical spin. 

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