The #DreamTeam

Many people think working in ‘independent practice’ means I always work alone, that’s really not the case. Here’s a little info on the network of Professionals, experts, friends and resources I regularly refer to or recommend.

Kim Clayden – Online Psychotherapist

Photo of Kim Clayden.
Kim Clayden

Kim is solution focused psychotherapist / hypnotherapist. She’s an expert on Chronic pain and the impact of chronic illness on mental and emotional wellbeing. If you’re looking to understand how and why your body and mind behave the way they do then Kim is the person to help. She’s a whizz on chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, sleep disturbance, low mood, motivation and all kinds of other things.

There’s even a free relaxation recording available on her website.

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Jeannie Di Bon

Jeannie is a Movement Therapist specialising in hypermobility, Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and chronic pain. She comes from a Pilates background but has developed something totally unique that’s really well suited for bendy bodies. She’s the author of two books and is an international speaker on the topic of movement therapy for hypermobility.

Her online resource ‘The Zebra Club’ is an exercise and movement program designed especially for bendy bodies.

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Hannah Ensor – Stickman Communications

Author, illustrator, communicator, expert patient, all round awesome human being. Hannah aims to challenge perceptions, educate and explain but in a light-hearted and positive way. Her Stickman products help to normalise all aspects of disability. As a speaker she bridges the gap between patient and professional.

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