Freestyle Appointment

What is a Freestyle appointment?

Freestyle appointments are exactly what they sound like. Rather than following a structure like the Pacing or Sleep Hygiene¬†Masterclasses, these sessions are flexible. We can talk about whatever you like. Splinting, work place adaptation, pain management. We can also talk about elements of other sessions like Pacing. These sessions are perfect for those with a lot of questions. If you’d just like an overview of a variety of strategies as opposed to a true masterclass. These sessions are also perfect as a follow-up if you’ve been through my workshops and would like to touch base.

How does the appointment work?

Before the appointment I’ll ask you to fill out an initial interview form. This will give me a good idea of how you’re currently managing and what you live with as well as your daily activities. The final section of the form gives you space to talk about what you’re expecting from the appointment. Please use this space to tell me what you’d like to talk about. Don’t worry I won’t make you stick to the list exactly. We can ‘go with the flow’ once we start talking.

A standard appointment is 30 minutes via Microsoft Teams. Double length appointment (1 hour) are available too. I always have buffer time available so we can add overtime if you like. You can also re-book for another time if your appointment is too much. After the session I can follow-up with an email summary or provide any links/resources we’ve discussed.

How much does it cost?

Check the Price List for details. I will always do my best to be as quick as possible without rushing things. I know money doesn’t grow on trees so payment plans are available on request. You can pay via PayPal, card or direct bank transfer. The full balance is due on the date of your appointment unless a payment plan has been agreed.¬†

How do I book?

Simply message me using the contact details below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We can arrange a date and time that suits everyone. Appointments are available to people worldwide excluding The USA and Canada (sorry, nothing personal, it’s an insurance/certification issue). If you’re not from the UK please let me know which time zone you’re in when getting in touch to avoid confusion during the booking process.

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