Price List

The JBOT 2024 price list should cover any session you would like to book. Any session can be extended into overtime charged at £1 per minute. If you know in advance you would like a longer session please state this when booking. You can also ask to extend a session during the appointment but this may not always be possible.


30minute self-management skill workshops with handouts for you to keep. Standard session breaks down to roughly 20 minutes discussion around theory, then 10 minutes of problem solving specific individual challenges with that theory. Email follow-up support is included.

These sessions are also available as a pre-recorded digital learning option for those who are less-keen on face-to-face interaction, or when time-zones do not allow for easy appointments. With this version, questions can be asked via WhatsApp or email and will be responded to in the same format.    

Video chat Masterclass Price
Pacing Masterclass£28
Joint Protection Masterclass£28
Sleep Hygiene Masterclass£28
Pre-recorded Masterclass Price
Pacing Masterclass£18
Joint Protection Masterclass£18
Sleep Hygiene Masterclass (Coming soon)£18

Combination sessions:

30minute consultation appointments followed by written reports/resources.  

  • Personal shopping reports are provided as an itemised list of products, reason for recommendation and a link to an online supplier.
  • Flare-up plans are provided as a table. Symptoms on one side. A list of coping strategies, in the order you should try them, on the other side. Plans are sent over as a word document which enables you to make changes if your symptoms, strategies or medications change in the future. 
  • Supporting evidence reports cover a huge range of scenarios. Applying for/appealing benefits, communication with teachers & employers, applying for funding etc.    
Personal Shopping (Aids & Adaptations)£70
Flare-up Planning£80
Supporting Evidence letter or report From £95

Each report comes with up to 15minutes of edits included. Edits that take over 15 minutes will be charged at £1 per minute.

Freestyle Appointments:

Freestyle sessions are perfect for following-up a few weeks after workshops. You can also book a freestyle session if your needs aren’t met by the above sessions or you’re unsure what support you need. These sessions are totally individualised and include a 30minute video chat appointment and a follow-up email with recommendations, web links or a session summary included.

Freestyle Appointment£48   

Well-being Mentoring:

1:1 mentoring sessions for individuals with long-term health challenges. These 1 hour sessions are aimed at teaching and implementing self-management and self-care skills in tough work environments. These sessions can either be a one off or a regular session as part of ongoing professional development/supervision.

Well-being in Practice Mentoring for Healthcare Professionals. £82.
Wellbeing in Work sessions for non-healthcare professionals£82.

Non-Clinical administration/meetings:

MDT meetings, EHCP meetings, time spent composing formal emails or filling out forms is all now grouped under non-clinical admin. This is charged at £1 per minute / £30 per half hour.

Speaker / Conference Pricing:

Standard rates for conferences are negotiable. I do speak at a limited number of events for free (or expenses only) per year. The prices stated are for video-chat appearances/presentations. If an in-person appearance is required I will also charge expenses for myself and 1 personal assistant.

Conference presentation or workshop£300 for a bespoke presentation plus Q&A. £250 with a recycled presentation.
Guest LecturingPrices negotiable with regards to fixed rate situations.
Pacing Masterclass Presentation (For Charities and support networks)£68