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"Jo is a wonderful addition to the Limitless Travel team. She demonstrated very high levels of professionalism and commitment from the outset. She listens to and acts upon advice but also challenges any assumptions or actions she does not agree with, I feel is of vital importance in any organisation. 

The role Jo took with us did not exist previously and involved remote working with minimal guidance. This never seemed to phase Jo and she accepted the situation with positivity and determination. She bonded very well with every member of the team, used her initiative and showed real maturity in her ability to complete more than expected without supervision. 

I have been most impressed with Jo’s ability to combine her knowledge of OT practices with the business world. She has advised us and other organisations on how to improve their working environment while using her skills to create a ‘commercial’ accessibility audit checklist for hoteliers.  

It has been a pleasure to have Jo working with us at Limitless, I know that every member of the team and everyone she has encountered has been incredibly impressed with what she has achieved."

Angus Drummond Founder of Limitless Travel August 11, 2016

As both an Occupational Therapist and an expert patient I have consulted with a number of companies on projects ranging from social media support to customer service training, accessibility advice, travel and adventure. My experiences as a service user and my OT training have equipped me with a unique viewpoint and a range of specialist skills. I excel at problem solving and I am a naturally creative thinker. I pride myself on working well as part of a team, I am dedicated and adept at remote working.

I have a particular interest in innovative uses for technology, adaptations and accessibility. I also have a lot of experience in activity modifications with a view to making any task, location or activity suitable for people with complex needs.

If you’d like to discuss a project please don’t hesitate to get in touch, consultation fees are £35 p/hour plus expenses. Freelance writing prices start from £15 per-article.  I am happy to offer remote consultations via Skype, telephone or email. Alternatively we can meet in person, if I need to travel the consultation fees will include travel expenses for a companion/support staff.

Prices can be negotiated and there is no fee for first contact so simply fill in the contact form and I’ll get back to you within a week.

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