Sport Mode

I was first introduced to the term “sport mode” by Jo. We were discussing why silly and preventable injuries happen more frequently than those from extreme activities. Hopefully, this blog post provides some insight into why this phenomenon may happen and how we can prevent injuries and pain in the future. What is Sport Mode?  …Continue reading Sport Mode

Burnout written in chunky block text diagonally across the screen. The text is surrounded by workplace stationary items. Calculator, pen, clipboard note books etc.

Burnout in Healthcare

Most people have experienced burnout in some way or another. Whether you have a draining job, childcare responsibilities, an energy limiting condition, or perhaps (like many) the daily demands of simply existing are causing it – burnout is an epidemic. So what is burnout? The WHO defines it as ‘a syndrome conceptualised as resulting from…Continue reading Burnout in Healthcare

Occupations written in gold on a dark green background with matching gold filigree decorates each corner.

Occupations: What we do

I wanted to write a blog post about occupations and what this means in the context of occupational therapy.  When you hear the word ‘occupations’ most people will think that it’s work / job related. Occupations are not just employment. They are any task that we spend our energy and time on that is essential…Continue reading Occupations: What we do

Chronic Pain written on a cream background. Three cartoons show graphics representing pain with characters curled up surrounded by lightning bolts.

Understanding Pain Part 2: Chronic Pain

Hello again everyone. I hope you enjoyed learning all about pain in my last blog! That was just a basic overview of pain in general. This time I want to talk about chronic pain and central sensitisation. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of what happens and why. Before coming on this placement,…Continue reading Understanding Pain Part 2: Chronic Pain

Fatigue Management -written in purple over a grey and white torn paper effect background.

Fatigue – How can we manage it ourselves?

I’m pretty sure most people reading this will have experienced fatigue of some kind. And I don’t mean the ‘Oh gosh I’m so tired, it’s been such a long day’ kind of fatigue. I mean the ‘I can’t bring myself to get out of bed this morning’ kind of fatigue. I have experienced this kind…Continue reading Fatigue – How can we manage it ourselves?

Link between neurodiversity and hypermobility written over an image of a woman bending forwards to stretch and a head silhouette with a rainbow infinity symbol in it.

Link Between Neurodiversity and Hypermobility

Having a chronic illness like a hypermobility disorder commonly comes with different co-morbidities. Dysautonomia problems like PoTS, chronic fatigue and pain, gastrointestinal problems, and visual stress just to name a few. A few co-morbidities that are commonly seen in people with hypermobility is neurodivergent conditions like Autism (ASD) and ADHD. In this blog post I…Continue reading Link Between Neurodiversity and Hypermobility

A faded image of a lady in a doctors coat is video chatting with another person. Over the top is text reading telehealth is awesome: here's why! in purple.

Telehealth is awesome, here’s why!

Telehealth is something very new to me as I believe it is to most healthcare workers. Until I met Jo, my only experience of telehealth was sending triage photographs to a GP who was over worked and under trained in telehealth. So, I was skeptical about at how person-centred care could be delivered without ever…Continue reading Telehealth is awesome, here’s why!

A students survival guide to placement - transferrable skills written over a white background.. There are 4 images in the corners showing a learning themed images.

A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

Welcome everybody to my second blog post! My name is Charlie and I’m a third-year OT student. I’ve been working with Jo over the past 9 weeks. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all of the wonderful people in the JBOT community. As you may have guessed from the title and from my little…Continue reading A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

Festive season tips written in calligraphy style font over a sparkly background

Festive Season Tips

The holiday season can be difficult for the able-bodied, let alone for those of us with a long-term condition. Stress. Fatigue. People. Indulgent food. Long days. They are all factors that can exacerbate our symptoms and make us feel horrific. So, how can we help ourselves to get through this time of the year and…Continue reading Festive Season Tips