Growth through a chronic patients experiences

Understanding a chronic patient’s experience…

Healthcare professionals have a duty of care to each patient, client, individual we see. We are taught to listen, understand, and problem-solve, all in the best interest of the individual. We all want to see our patient ‘get better’, ‘progress’, ‘recover’. Sometimes we get lost in these words and don’t take the time to support…Continue reading Understanding a chronic patient’s experience…

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Misplaced Inspiration – Being Healthy is HARD

I often discuss the ‘disabled people are inspirational’ issue with friends and family. ‘Inspiration P0rn’. I am often told I’m inspirational, some times I smile and say thank you while rolling my eyes, sometimes I challenge the person in question and at other times I take it as a compliment. I could lecture about this…Continue reading Misplaced Inspiration – Being Healthy is HARD

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Physiotherapy expectations with hypermobility syndromes

Physiotherapy Expectations With Hypermobility Syndromes

Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as exercise, movement, manual therapies and education1. It can be used along side medication and traditional pain management strategies and is often used following surgery too. I often (and quite correctly) see people recommending physiotherapy to treat Hypermobility Syndromes like Ehlers Danlos and Marfan…Continue reading Physiotherapy Expectations With Hypermobility Syndromes

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Wheelchair Propelling Techniques

This ‘Wheelchair Propelling Techniques’ section might (at first) seem pretty self-explanatory. You sit down and push with your hands right? Well actually there’s a bit more to it. Little adjustments with your body can make a big difference. Lets start with simply moving a chair over smooth ground. Make sure you’re siting comfortably, don’t slouch…Continue reading Wheelchair Propelling Techniques

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Tramper in mud

UK Mobility Scooter / Tramper Hire

The map below shows the locations of Trampers, scooters and power chairs available to borrow in the UK. I haven’t tested many of them and I strongly suggest phoning ahead to avoid disappointment! Simply click on a pin to see the place details. The type of scooter available from each location varies so please call…Continue reading UK Mobility Scooter / Tramper Hire

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Autumn leaves on trees

Holywells Park Accessibility Review

Holywells Park in Ipswich is a lovely open space, filled with grass, trees, ponds and playgrounds. The park stretched over 28 hectares with paths and trails throughout. Holywells Park is a County Wildlife Site and a Conservation Area with two listed buildings (the Stable Block and Conservatory), making it a haven for wildlife and history alike.…Continue reading Holywells Park Accessibility Review

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