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Occupations: What we do

I wanted to write a blog post about occupations and what this means in the context of occupational therapy.  When you hear the word ‘occupations’ most people will think that it’s work / job related. Occupations are not just employment. They are any task that we spend our energy and time on that is essential…Continue reading Occupations: What we do

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Link Between Neurodiversity and Hypermobility

Having a chronic illness like a hypermobility disorder commonly comes with different co-morbidities. Dysautonomia problems like PoTS, chronic fatigue and pain, gastrointestinal problems, and visual stress just to name a few. A few co-morbidities that are commonly seen in people with hypermobility is neurodivergent conditions like Autism (ASD) and ADHD. In this blog post I…Continue reading Link Between Neurodiversity and Hypermobility

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A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

Welcome everybody to my second blog post! My name is Charlie and I’m a third-year OT student. I’ve been working with Jo over the past 9 weeks. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all of the wonderful people in the JBOT community. As you may have guessed from the title and from my little…Continue reading A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

Reflections on Telehealth

Hello, this is Derek, Student physiotherapist. I’m speaking to you at the end of my placement here at JB Occupational Therapy. I thank everyone here for a great, rewarding experience, especially those patients who let me take part in their consultations. I’ve gained invaluable knowledge from you about your complex conditions with multiple symptoms. And…Continue reading Reflections on Telehealth

Welcome LSBU student Ellen Reed-Walsh

A little update… There are many career goals I set for myself when I started out as an OT. One I never really thought I’d accomplish was to be a practice educator. Who would want a virtual placement with someone who works 15 hours a week from bed? Well, fast forward one pandemic later and…Continue reading Welcome LSBU student Ellen Reed-Walsh

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Dr Google & The e-Patient Experince

In this online age, access to medical information is faster and simpler than ever before. The ease with which patients can search for symptoms, diagnoses and treatments has plays a big role in the the e-patient 1 movement. About 5% of all internet searches are about medical information 2 . Support groups, patient advocacy groups…Continue reading Dr Google & The e-Patient Experince

Limitless Travel role-emerging placement

As part of Occupational Therapy degrees each student must complete one thousand hours of practice. How this is divided up varies from place to place. Northampton University divides practice hours into three placements. The first is shortest and is mainly observation. The last placement is the longest and it’s expected that each student will carry…Continue reading Limitless Travel role-emerging placement

Therapeutic Relationships

Therapeutic Relationships – Getting the most from Healthcare

I’m often asked how I’ve managed to get the most out of healthcare appointments, there is no quick answer so I’ve decided to write a longer one. As always, this post is written from the dual perspective of expert patient and healthcare professional. Much of this post is written from my own personal experience. During…Continue reading Therapeutic Relationships – Getting the most from Healthcare