A students survival guide to placement - transferrable skills written over a white background.. There are 4 images in the corners showing a learning themed images.

A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

Welcome everybody to my second blog post! My name is Charlie and I’m a third-year OT student. I’ve been working with Jo over the past 9 weeks. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all of the wonderful people in the JBOT community. As you may have guessed from the title and from my little…Continue reading A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

Growth through a chronic patients experiences

Understanding a chronic patient’s experience…

Healthcare professionals have a duty of care to each patient, client, individual we see. We are taught to listen, understand, and problem-solve, all in the best interest of the individual. We all want to see our patient ‘get better’, ‘progress’, ‘recover’. Sometimes we get lost in these words and don’t take the time to support…Continue reading Understanding a chronic patient’s experience…

Limitless Travel role-emerging placement

As part of Occupational Therapy degrees each student must complete one thousand hours of practice. How this is divided up varies from place to place. Northampton University divides practice hours into three placements. The first is shortest and is mainly observation. The last placement is the longest and it’s expected that each student will carry…Continue reading Limitless Travel role-emerging placement