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Festive Season Tips

The holiday season can be difficult for the able-bodied, let alone for those of us with a long-term condition. Stress. Fatigue. People. Indulgent food. Long days. They are all factors that can exacerbate our symptoms and make us feel horrific. So, how can we help ourselves to get through this time of the year and…Continue reading Festive Season Tips

#HypnOT session 4 – Sleep

Welcome back to #HypnOT. Session 4 focuses on understanding and improving sleep. Kim (Online Psychotherapist) explains a little about how our brains get ready for sleep, why it’s important and how we can improve it. I share some useful tips based around the principles of Sleep Hygiene to help you manage your activities and environment…Continue reading #HypnOT session 4 – Sleep

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep Hygiene – Tips for getting a good nights sleep

In this modern age of late night TV and smart phones by the bed, getting a good nights sleep has become somewhat of a struggle. Throw in any kind of health problem and restful sleep becomes almost impossible. ‘Painsomnia’ (insomnia caused by pain) can cause particular problems. ┬áThis post will explain the basic principles of…Continue reading Sleep Hygiene – Tips for getting a good nights sleep