A red stop sigh with the word 'go' spray painted on it is faded into the backgroun. Medical Gaslighting is written over that in bold black font.

Medical gaslighting

Medical gaslighting is a term that refers to The dismissal or invalidation of a patients symptoms, concerns or feelings by a medical professional. The patient isn’t taken seriously, and the healthcare professional does not properly investigate. Instead, they usually attribute the symptoms to being psychological. After spending time on placement with Jo I felt a…Continue reading Medical gaslighting

Sport Mode

I was first introduced to the term “sport mode” by Jo. We were discussing why silly and preventable injuries happen more frequently than those from extreme activities. Hopefully, this blog post provides some insight into why this phenomenon may happen and how we can prevent injuries and pain in the future. What is Sport Mode?  …Continue reading Sport Mode

Burnout written in chunky block text diagonally across the screen. The text is surrounded by workplace stationary items. Calculator, pen, clipboard note books etc.

Burnout in Healthcare

Most people have experienced burnout in some way or another. Whether you have a draining job, childcare responsibilities, an energy limiting condition, or perhaps (like many) the daily demands of simply existing are causing it – burnout is an epidemic. So what is burnout? The WHO defines it as ‘a syndrome conceptualised as resulting from…Continue reading Burnout in Healthcare

A students survival guide to placement - transferrable skills written over a white background.. There are 4 images in the corners showing a learning themed images.

A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

Welcome everybody to my second blog post! My name is Charlie and I’m a third-year OT student. I’ve been working with Jo over the past 9 weeks. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all of the wonderful people in the JBOT community. As you may have guessed from the title and from my little…Continue reading A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

A faded background image of a patient sat on a gym ball next to a physiotherapist

Understanding Hypermobility: An Introduction for Physiotherapists.

Hypermobility can mean more than just being ‘bendy’, or ‘flexible’. This is hypermobility as a characteristic and then there’s hypermobility as a symptom for connective tissue disorders (Simmonds, 2022). Hypermobility Sydnromes including Hypermobility Spectum Disorders (HSD) and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS), are conditions which present with injury, pain and other symptoms which can affect multiple…Continue reading Understanding Hypermobility: An Introduction for Physiotherapists.

Jordan and Matt stood side by side. Jordan wears a green floral dress and matt is in burgundy jumper.

JBOT Podcast with Jordan. Episode 1

Welcome to the JBOT Podcast with Jordan. In this episode Jordan & Matt catch up with Steve Dent. Owner of disability equipment retailer www.spokz.co.uk . Steve shares how his own experience of disability lead to him including sex aids as part of his core range of stock. We also have Matts Myths, tips… and more!…Continue reading JBOT Podcast with Jordan. Episode 1

coronavirus shielding: advice for rejoining the world

Coronavirus Shielding: Advice for rejoining the world

2020 has definitely been a roller-coaster.. mostly made up of scary downhill parts and sudden drops. For many folks with pre-existing conditions (myself included) the last few months have been downright scary. The lack of information around what actually constituted a risk meant that many people were in a weird no man’s land where they…Continue reading Coronavirus Shielding: Advice for rejoining the world