12th day in rehab (setbacks and steps forward)


After yesterday’s mini-migraine I fell asleep pretty quickly…and seem to have been run over by a tractor in my dreams. My back is sore and I’ve subluxed my left shoulder/scapula/clavicle. Migraine wise last might was a pleasant surprise for me, I had no tremors or spasms at all!
I have lost the reflexes in my left leg again and the muscle weakness is back, not as bad as the time I was admitted but not good either, it’s probably equivalent to how I was a few days ago, which considering how much progress I’ve made is not great.
I asked the staff nurse to check my reflexes and as I suspected I’ve lost the reflexes in my left leg again. I have function still but everything is much harder and wobblier than yesterday.
While waiting for physio and the Dr to see me I finished off my flowers and made another one. They are all backed onto broach pins now.


After a little bit of crafting I found myself overheating despite the Windows being open and the fan being on full blast so I got out my trusty cool vest and flaked out for a while.
Dr Hobbit (because he looks like one) arrived mid morning and tested my reflexes and it’s just the one in the bottom of my left foot that’s still not working so the migraine effects seem to be wearing off. He said he’d pop back tomorrow morning to check on me.
Shortly after lunch with my fave ladies (3 of which go home today) the lovely physio man turned up to take me to the gym, despite feeling less than great I actually did really well. Physio Man got sidetracked on the way so I started cycling without him, did 10 mins and after a walk to the nearest chair on my gutter frame he put me on a piece of equipment called the ‘balance master’ it (in my opinion) is an electric wobble board invented purely to torture bendie people! It’s designed to improve dynamic balance, core strength and proprioception… All of which I have big issues with so 1min 30secs on this bad boy was totally brain fryingly difficult!
Physio man helped me down but after a rest we both agreed I could do more, I
Managed 2 lengths of the parallel bars before being escorted back to my room.

Mum and granny had already arrived when I got there and Mum had been talking to the OT about a home visit for early next week.
Mum and granny had a bit of a laugh after that when I showed physio man how to use my trigger point roller. And he had a go.. Not often you end up with your physio laid on the floor because he has a stiff neck while you sit on the bed because you are the master of stretches. (his words not mine!)
Me, Mum and granny ate chocolate and we chatted for a bit before they headed home and I had dinner. We also had a visit from one of the HCA’s who has commissioned me to make her wedding jewellery!
My evening was spent not doing physio and having a nice long bath. I did however have a very nice call from Felgains in Ipswich to arrange delivery of my new Wheelchair on Monday!

Oh and just for Dominic, all 3 squirrels are still around. One was on the windowsill this morning and I reached my hand out to the glass and he reached his paw up too! It was like a little squirrel high five! πŸ˜‰

10 thoughts on “12th day in rehab (setbacks and steps forward)

  1. Thank you. Hope your day turned out to be brilliant.:) I went to visit a friend that I haven’t seen for a few years. She’s sick, too, at the moment so we just lounged on her couches and chatted the day away. As long as I have my friends, I’m good. Today was a good day for me, finally. I wish you another brilliant day tomorrow. Sending plenty of sunshine your way. You’re doing a great job, just keep doing what you’re doing and remember no one is perfect.:)

    1. I love having online support, I can’t imagine dealing with all of this ans not having my support groups, blogs, Facebook etc. Life in general is easier if you know people are there for you πŸ™‚ I hope your friend is feeling better soon, and I’m sending you some sunshine too xx

      1. Thank you and I totally agree with you about the online support. I was so amazed when I first started blogging. I didn’t even think anyone would want to read my blog and I had no idea of the support I was about to start receiving. This really is a great place. Blogging and therapy keep me alive and are helping me get “better.” I sure hope you get the same out of blogging. Have a great day, my friend.

  2. That’s the great thing about WordPress. It’s an amazing place to blog and that’s what we do for each other here. So, keep on keepin’ on. Hope your day was a “good” one. πŸ™‚

    1. πŸ˜€ it really is brilliant you are are awesome! My day today is going to be brilliant, you have any plans?

        1. Thank you πŸ™‚ it’s amazing how many people are following my rehab posts πŸ™‚ I really appreciate it xx

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