11th day in rehab (temporary escape)

I’m still struggling to wake up in the mornings but did ok after breakfast, got myself dressed and laid on the floor for physio. After doing my exercises I even did my hair and slapped on some make-up.
Physio came to see me today and I asked about swapping the ferules on my frame to wheels. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea but I’m still keen to try it.
We got talking about home and I ended up crying. I’m making massive progress physically but the ‘urgent referral’ to social services OT has yet to materialise so no progress has been made on making the house accessible.
Physio lady said she’d speak to the OT, she thinks there might have been a misunderstanding, that she mixed up my Uni room and my house!

We headed off to the gym and I managed 4X the length of the parallel bars on my SmartCrutches which is double what I managed yesterday. Didn’t do any stairs practice today tho.
I grabbed a drink and headed off to the Chair Exercise Class, was nice to see a few new faces. I finally beat physio man in terms of accuracy with the ‘throw the beanbag in the cardboard box game’ but I think that’s more because he did badly than because I did well!
I had a lovely lunch with my fave old ladies, two of whom are leaving today or tomorrow, just as I was saying my goodbyes Addz arrived to smuggle me out for the afternoon. I spotted a few of the old dears eyeballing his biceps so I expect I’ll be quizzed on who my nice young man is over lunch tomorrow!
Addz and I headed off to the outdoor gym for a bit, as you can see I took the opportunity to have a workout and Addz jumped off things.



It’s a tough life being in love with a freerunner/traceur/gymnast. Sure he looks buff but he’s always upside-down!
After the workout we relaxed on the fun stuff like the swings and Addz helped me climb to the top of the slide so I could have a go! I figure it counts as my stair practice for the day!



During play time I did unfortunately break my Wheelchair! I’ve snapped one of the foot plates clean off during a slight (ok a massive) wobble mid-transfer.
After spending some more time acting like children we headed into town to pick up a prescription before wandering back and chilling in my room.

Addz headed home just before tea and I had coronation chicken & baked potato.

After about an hour I started to feel a bit dizzy and my eyesight got more distorted than normal with more static and stronger halos around white objects. After throwing up and developing a blinding headache I twigged that maybe I’m having another migraine. After taking all of my night meds early and most of my PRN drugs too and cooling off in a dark room I’m feeling a lot better. I still have a lot of migraine symptoms but there is one MASSIVE difference. I’m not having twitches or added dislocations at all! My obs are normal! I’m so glad I ended up being admitted in Worcester, the propranolol they prescribed is a wonder drug for me!
I don’t think this will be a bad one but I’m having an early night anyway!

Ciao for now folks

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