7th day in rehab

Weekend means no physio so I’m free to escape the hospital!
Addz came to my rescue at about 10 and we headed to Woodbridge to find a summer wardrobe courtesy of the awesome Woodbridge charity shops! I did well and Addz did a pretty good job of pretending not to be bored stupid!


2 dresses, a long tunic an awesome floral skirt with buttons and a zebra theme t-shirt. Not one item over £10 ;-).
Woodbridge was full of dogs today, something called Woof-bridge I believe O.o we met a 13 week boxer puppy called Rosie with the posh-est owners you can imagine (I did mention we did dog sitting and they seemed delighted and took my number).
After spending all my money and having a hot chocolate we headed back to Aldeburgh (the charity shops here wern’t as good) and walked (wheeled) along the beach eating fudge.
After the fudge was eaten we laid down for a cuddle before heading back to the hospital.

After Addz left for home (forgetting his share of the remaining fudge and forcing me to chase after him) I did a little bit of mat based physio but after a lot of trying on clothes and transfers and wheeling around and taking a few wobbly steps onto the beach I wasn’t inclined to work too hard!
Just as I finished my friendly neighbourhood squirrel turned up for tea time.


Then while putting away my purchases from earlier I managed to throw a whole jug of water on the floor (and my feet) to be honest given the useless nature of Hospital water jugs and my total lack of coordination I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner! Anyway me and the ladies who came to my aid chatted arts and crafts while mopping up!
Had a jacket potato with tuna followed by Victoria sponge for tea while watching ice age on TV. 
Going to read for a while before bed, early night before mother’s day tomorrow 🙂

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